PoP Comics – 24 Hour Hell by CH

24hourhell, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

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  • ROFL because of the military-industrial-satanic complex references. Genius!

  • Hilarious! I especially like the defense contractor ad–gives it a nice touch of realism. 😉

  • Very true, and on top of that they should be all standing in front of the door!:-)

  • Defense contractors do good too! My company does stuff like break down chemical waste and makes it safe. It also builds protective gear for our soldiers out in warzones and designs IT stuff to make finding people in mine collapses easier.

    All this hating on us defense contractors… 🙁

  • Yeah, yeah. Standing on the left. Punishable by damnation. Because you are so important that you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT SPARE that extra twelve seconds.

    Don’t get me wrong. Standing on the left is kind of thoughtless, and I wish people wouldn’t do it, but come on. I have never given it a second thought, let alone gotten so worked up as to write a comic about it. Sheesh. Remove stick, please.

  • HAHA! Awesome.

  • agree with st…pretty lame.

  • What about the ones who lean on the poles? They drive me bananas!!!

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