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Picking Up Trash @ Clark School

Wayan Vota writes:

“Manuel is one of the many soccer (football) players who meet each weekend at Clark School. He is also part of the clean-up crew picking up the trash after games, or like today, early in the morning. Here’s a big thanks to Manuel and his friends – for making Clark School lively and also keeping it clean.”

Very cool.

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  • The other day a man who I recognized as a neighbor (but who I hadn’t met before) walked down my street while I was chilling on the front porch. He had a safeway bag and was picking up random pieces of litter as he went. It was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. It wasn’t even like he was dedicating an hour to trash pickup, he was just grabbing glaring items of rubbish off the sidewalk as he went about his way.

    If everyone did that even once a month the city would be pristine. I plan to do the same next time I think of it and have a safeway bag handy.

  • he’s cute

  • Just as a point of clarification, Clark ES closed in June and is no longer an open DC public school. I had heard certain charters were looking to take over the building. Anyone know?

  • Anon5:04, I thought the same thing too. I think I’m going to starting littering hoping he comes my way.

  • Toby: The school is closed, but is apparently going to become a Public Charter School run by the school on Georgia Ave, just south of NH Ave.

    Anon: He and more cuties are at the school each weekend. And they hablan Inglés too.

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