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  • this building is so awesome and so sad. why can’t the city figure out a taxing scheme that bankrupts whatever idiot owns it and forces them to sell to someone who will turn it into something good (like a wine bar, or arby’s, or a kite shop, or even better a trader joe’s)

  • According to taxpayerservicecenter.com, 1800 4th st nw has $60,707.83 in taxes owed on it. It has a class 3 exemption, but is listed as class 1. That seems wrong, should be 3 w/ exception (for sale)

  • Quite sad that the greed of building owners has allowed these types of buildings to continue in a state of disrepair for years if not decades.

  • there should absolutely not be an exemption “for sale” – this building has been “for sale” for the 7 years I’ve lived in Ledroit Park. If you can’t sell in 7 years you are setting a ridiculous price.

    It makes me furious that this is allowed to happen. I don’t know if I coudl restrain myself from attacking whoever owns this travesty if he ever had the misfortune of meeting me.

  • It has not been for sale for seven years. At one point, around the 2005-2006 time frame, work was being done on it to convert it to condos, but the developer declared bankruptcy. I suspect that they overpaid for the building and they (or the bank or whoever owns the buidling now) are unwilling to sell it at a loss.

  • hmm, that’s right now that I think of it, i remember they did a tiny amount of work on the roof then stopped. well in any case i passionately hate the person that owns it. seriously blights the whole look of ledroit park and eastern U.

  • City will be forced to repair dangerous conditions (stones falling out of the windows) and put a lien on the property. All the pink sandstone should never have been used as a building material, and it was repointed with portland cement which just made the problem worse. The pink stone is literally dissolving like sugar and there’s nothing the owner can do to stop it short of replacing each stone.

    I’m pretty sure the building is alot smaller than it looks. It has a triangular plan so it probably has a very inefficient plan with lots of wasted space.

  • I bike past this building every morning and get lost in a daydream about wining the lottery, buying it, and turning it into a Sichuan restaurant with a sweet rooftop bar/seating area…

    Should probably pay more attention to the biking!

  • Maybe someone can fix the dissolving pink sandstone by covering it up with some of that magical formstone!

  • It’s an unfortunate story. I had developer clients who pooh pooh’ed buying this property in the early 2000s for $249,000. because of the amount of work needed per floor, as well as the challenge of doing construction at that corner. It was purchased a few years ago and architectural plans done, but obviously the work never completed.

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