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  • That’s Miss Manners’ house!

  • Passed those on Irving on Friday night and they looked amazing, how did they get them so big?

  • Or whatever the street is that takes you down to Klingle…

  • I hate azaleas unless they are yellow or orange.

  • how could anyone hate azaleas

  • Oh man, I walked past this house just a week ago. It’s beautiful-well, in terms of it’s location.

    Those are some serious azaleas!

  • @anon 7:09
    Don’t get me started on azaleas. It’s kind of like insulting a person’s mom or child. I can’t win, or win you over. I merely stated that I hate them. If I started to explain why, it will only end badly. Particulalry because they are so very ubiquitous in this area I risk insulting very nice people with very big bushes (unless they have yellow or orange bushes which as I mentioned before, I admire greatly).
    I had a few little azaleas bushes in my yard years ago.
    They died from benign neglect (I swear).
    Now Rhodies, Camilias and Gardenias are a whole ‘nother thing altogether!

  • PLease forgive the obvious typos. K? THX!

  • Blah azaleas – they look good for 2 weeks then they look like scraggly bushes. I just don’t get the attraction. Give me a Camilia or a Peony anyday.

  • Yes! That is Miss Manners house. I used to live on the corner of Argonne and Lanier and could see her house from my window. I always wanted to see her out on the porch and wander by with cookies or something. She never came out. I never saw a single person on that porch. She must use the entrance on the other side.

  • I’m sitting here on my couch, looking out the window at this house while I read this. Never had any idea who’s house it was, but always wondered because it’s a) huge and b) you never see anyone around it.

    I love this blog.

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