Ordinary or Extraordinary?


This is my gutter. The weed grew up and around it in two days. I just find it amazing how fast weeds can grow and how they are able to wrap around obstacles in their way. While I think it is terribly annoying, I also think it’s pretty extraordinary.

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  • Gutter of the day!

  • Extraordinary, but get it off your house before it really takes a liking to it. It will get in the cracks, grow, make the cracks bigger, grow, make the cracks bigger and then things start falling apart.

  • they are totally cute until you feed them after midnight or drop them in water…

    by which I mean, get it off before it blooms or seeds.

  • or you can prune and train it, but you have to keep up with it or it will take over.

    This looks like something that came up the first year i had my house in Petworth, which i then trained to climb the wrought iron columns across my front porch. i had no idea what it was until it produced a bunch of pods in late summer which had feather-like seeds inside. turns out to have been this: http://www.missouriplants.com/Whiteopp/Cynanchum_laeve_page.html

    it made for a beautiful cover of the ugly columns on my porch, but i had to trim it almost daily because it would have gone over the roof had i not. it will also produce a very pleasant-smelling blossom about mid-summer.

  • A plant that grows this quickly is usually up to no good. This looks like the invasive bindweed.

  • Seriously, what IS that stuff? We have it in our yard too and I’ve been waging an ongoing and fruitless war against that plant for years now. It really does seem to grow several feet in a day. Damn weed.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’ve been fighting this same weed for 6 years! I swear it keeps coming back no matter what I do…

  • Well, put on your Nancy Drew cap (or a lovely little penil skirt) and hop into your roadster with your mannish best gal-pal George (God I used to love those books), and drive down to the source of the problem. Don’t just pull it out of the ground: use a trowel and dig down to find the root. Most of those invasive climbing weeds send runners underground, so you may think you’re pulling up the plant when you’re just pulling up one of the shoots. Solve that mystery!

  • i think our tenacious climbing vine weeds are quite charming actually. they’re like the alley cats and opposums in my hood, part of the fun of the place. but yeah don’t let it take over unless you are up for a big commitment i.e. your whole house covered by them.

  • I already am getting a big crop of Morning Glory (Grandpa Ott’s) and have not even exhausted my seed collection yet. Would you like some as a substitite?

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