Ordinary or Extraordinary?

DSCN8828, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I just thought this was a super cool sight.

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  • Its a super cool shot when taken out of context, but when you have to walk by that mess numerous time a day, its not so cool. Quite the eye sore since there are abandoned buildings on either side of the lot.

  • Is that the back of the Uptown Theater?

  • No, its the side of a boarded up church on 10th and V. Church would be beautiful if someone would restore is. At least they keep covering up all of the grafitti on the walls.

  • Owners in way over her head, hoping the market will turn around, but the Alt-A and Option-ARM bubble is going to pop in 2010 and be just as bad as the subprime bubble of 2007, so she’s kidding herself. We’re just in the eye of the storm right now and things look calm, but the second hit is coming just as surely as the first.

  • i lived half a block up the street 12 yrs ago and it was in respectable condition. the roof was ok. someone needs to open up a club inside that building and call it “The Church”. have bands and parties.

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