New Row Home on V Street, East of 14th, Looking Good

DSCN8939, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m enjoying watching the progress on this construction. I have to say it has really grown on me. I particularly like the windows on the left hand side. Has it grown on you as well?

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  • I like it. It is somewhat modern, but not crazy. Beautiful brick work.

  • I saw this about two weeks ago. I asked the guys what they thought it would list for. To my surprise, they said in 800s. I thought it would easily top 1M.

  • I like how the new house pays homage to the form of the older houses, and doesn’t overpower them. Not bad!

  • I like it a lot. The downsides are the back (overlooked by the Union Row warehouses), and I think they are putting a bike lane in on V street, which means you’ll get your share of holier-than-thou bikers passing in front of your house—actually, I take that back. Bikers in bike lanes obeying traffic rules? lol

  • love it. and hopefully they’ll put bike lanes on every street in the city.

  • beautiful brickwork? the bricks are just a veneer… they should change the color of the white trim. too much contrast. not bad though.

  • Yea, I like it. And I see it as a nice transition from the traditional and historic row houses on the street to the more modern Union Row building just to the west. That block of V St. has really turned around in the past few years, with at least four derelict houses being renovated, and now this empty lot filled with such an interesting house. Kudos to all involved.

  • Appalling. It looks startled!

  • all brick construction on houses these days is brick veneer.

  • Many things that are beautiful have been veneer over the millenia.

    All in all, I like it. I was expecting it to be condos but it sounds like it is a SFH? I’d feel very exposed with first floor windows that large, but that’s just me.

  • This house design looks nice enough, but is not Ok. not for that street. The hole thing seems arrogant and very imposing next to the row houses. I have seeing this kind of beach house architecture popping up everywhere in Shaw and Columbia Heights, destroying the character of once beautiful streets. I think contemporary architecture is good when you place it somewhere there is not much signs of the past, but somehow there should be respect for the surroundings in places like DC… unless of course you want your house to be the bully of the street image .

  • true, most brick you see in dc these days is a veneer. true, veener can and has been amazingly beautiful. i just wouldn’t call this ‘beautiful brickwork’ comparing it to what i would call ‘beautiful brickwork.’ right?!

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