New Median Church Parking on NH Ave

Petworth Median Parking

Wayan Vota writes:

“Construction hasn’t even finished on the new medians in New Hampshire Avenue, and already there is a new church parking scene – a line of cars taking up the inner lanes on each side of the median. I’m not sure your opinion, but I like this solution. While not as traffic-flowing as parking on a flat median, by taking up one lane in each direction, I hope it slows down the speed demons who fly along New Hampshire. Next, can we have warning cones along these cars as well, to slow traffic even more? I don’t want a parishioner hit trying to get to their car.”

New Median Construction in DC

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  • I agree with Wayan Vota on the left lane usage on Sundays for Church parking with orange cones for obvious safety, hopefully set a good example as I also think those speeding through on the streets need to show consideration to pedestrians, providing a a safe environment.
    Note in the background of the top picture, now the Lavelle Tucker senior Citizens Center, is one of the oldest houses in Petworth.

  • that car is beyond thunderdome!

  • I just don’t get why out-of-state christians get to violate DC parking regs when the rest of us face big fines if we do.

  • Also I thought we were going to get bike lanes here? Was it a decision between weekly illegal church parking and bike lanes and DDOT/DC Gov decided to opt for illegal parking. Weak.

  • I’m with ontarioroader. I’ve taken a look at cars parked for church and from what I see is that over 90% of them have Maryland plates. I do not think that exceptions should be made for churches.

  • lol, this will end well.

  • Please. Someone end special privileges for bigoted tourists.

  • I don’t know… a few years ago I used to get upset about church parking, Maryland carpetbaggers, etc, etc. But I say – let it go. In the grand scheme of things it’s a small sacrifice for community harmony. Maybe we gentrifiers give a little on church parking, and the maybe the church goers give a little on gay marriage, or dog parks, or some other issue.

  • MD carpetbaggers, stop being a hater

  • I’m sure this has been beat to death in previous threads, but seriously, in what way is this not a church/state constitutional problem? State sponsored special privileges on state property for a religious institution that are expressly not available to non-profit/similar secular institutions? wtf?

  • Usually, I am all up in churches grills for getting into DC biz when their congregation is all MD (even if ex-DC). But I don’t find the churches in Petworth to be playing those games. In fact, I haven’t heard much from this church on NH Ave.

    So as long as they respect the neighbourhood by not throwing around carpetbagged weight, I don’t have an issue with the out-of-state double parking. Like Bloomingdale says – small price to pay for peaceful co-existence.

    But if they go Shaw on us, oh yeah, I’d be out there doing a car-by-car census every Sunday.

  • What happened in Shaw with that controversy is anyones guess a no win situation, going after Churches is a no go, as on the other hand, Churches do have to be good neighbors.
    Many of the out of state people lived in the neighborhood as like what Wayan suggested, a small inconvenience for a peaceful coexistence.

  • Parking there for a few hours Sunday morning hurts no one, and I’d rather have a temporary street parking scheme for churches than require that churches provide huge parking lots that are empty the other 6.5 days of the week. The neighborhood benefits from having the churches integrated into the neighborhood and not paving over a city block for a very temporary use. If only football stadiums could figure this out.

    And just because the CARS are from Maryland, doesn’t mean the CONGREGATION is from Maryland. You’re not going to notice the cars of the local parishioners because a) they might walk, and b) they are DC plates and thus don’t stick out in your mind. It could be that a small % of the congregation is from MD, but those are the only ones you are going to notice.

  • “Maybe we gentrifiers give a little on church parking, and the maybe the church goers give a little on gay marriage, or dog parks, or some other issue.”


  • Traffic is going to be annoying but at least there will actually be parking for the residence that live on this block.

  • I drive past this area every Sunday morning and have never yet been annoyed by any ‘traffic’ caused by this parking. It’s Sunday morning, not rush hour! This is much ado about nothing.

  • in response to the post @9:07 be careful what you ask for, a little wisdom here.

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