New Bus Shelter on 800 Block of Upshur Street

3528958695_5eec3f432b, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to Wayan Vota for sending. He writes, “I love how these new shelters look – so cool and modern. Now we can hope for a real-time schedule display.”

I say Petworth will be as big as San Fransisco before you know it!

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  • Let the countdown begin before someone shoots/throws a brick through the glass.

  • I love the juxtaposition of the shiny new bus shelter with the old rusty bus stop sign.

  • Interestingly my bus shelter at 14th and Gallatin used to get shot out all the time – like once a week. As soon as they put up the new one like this one, it stopped. It has been there for months with no damage.

  • Cupcake, are you sure they aren’t still getting shot-out and just replaced so quickly that you don’t notice? The new shelters that are going up all over are being funded by that great Satan, Clear Channel. And for that Clear Channel gets to put whatever advertising on them they want and they must maintain them. They actually have guys who drive around every day cleaning them.

    If you’ll notice, the new shelters aren’t always positioned exactly like the old ones because the old shelters weren’t necessarily positioned for optimum advertising affect.

  • Modern is nice and all, but has anybody actually tried sitting on these new benches? They’re terribly uncomfortable. You always feel like you’re sliding off. But whatever it takes to keep the homeless away, amiright?

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