Lost Dog in Petworth, Water Main Break in Adams Morgan, and Free KFC


From Joel of Qualia Coffee:

“I am trying to find out whether anyone in the neighborhood knows anything about a stray dog I found wandering up 5th St. this morning. I’m attaching a photo. I can be reached at the shop any time today. 202-248-6423”

From DC Alert:

“MPD is reporting a Water Main Break at 17th & Florida Ave NW. It is unknown if any customers affected.” I hear 18th Street has been closed. Did this destroy your commute?

From a reader:

“Oprah is giving out free kfc coupons for a free lunch. Coupon is only good to print till 11 or so today but its good to redeem until the 19th. I like that its not valid on mothers day, like hey cheap-o’s you can’t do your mother like that. Take her out to a real place and get her a steak…”

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  • Is Oprah trying to get rid of all her KFC coupons becuase she doesn’t have a willpower to stop going there? She should give more healthy alternatives to her fans.

  • @Me, you’re forcing me to defend Oprah, which is a bit soul-killing, but…

    the coupons are for KFC’s grilled chicken deals, and she’s giving them away to support the fact that KFC IS offering a healthier (I refuse to say healthy, although maybe it is, who knows) alternative.

    Personally, I find the idea of a bucket of grilled chicken odd, but that’s the explanation.

  • Re: The water main break is affecting Florida Avenue between U street and 17th (where it doglegs near the storage building and Marie Reed Center). Water has been cut off, also the gas. A 20 inch main broke, buckling the road and pouring water into some of the homes on the block (according to a photographer I ran into at the police line).

  • Oprah Gives Away Free Chicken, Sparking Wonderful Highs and Terrible Lows
    via Grub Street by Daniel Maurer on 5/6/09

    There’s something that seems just not right about Oprah Winfrey giving away KFC, but relax — it’s Kentucky Grilled Chicken, so that makes it okay. The stuff looks flat-out nasty to us (they couldn’t have taken a better picture?), but demand is so rampant for the coupon (downloadable till midnight tonight and good for two pieces, two sides, and the worst biscuit you’ll ever taste) that people over at Oprah.com are freaking out. Yesterday a message on the site said: “Due to the overwhelming interest to download the grilled chicken coupon KFC is experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of this problem and KFC is working to solve the issue as quickly as possible.” The thousands of user comments amount to a harrowing power struggle between those who’ve managed to download the coupon and those with only a proverbial wing and a prayer. Somewhere, as her loyal subjects descend into a desperate mob, Oprah must be out there saying, “Let them eat chicken!” Here are the most heartwrenching of the comments.
    I’ve been trying to access the kfc coupon for over an hour now.. i don’t know what’s wrong. and I really needed that coupon to feed my 2year old

    Requires Windows or Mac. So to get a free dinner I have to spend $300. Linux users are people too, but I guess we can afford dinner with the money we saved on our OS.


    Well I tried to use this coupon at 6 different KFC’s yesterday, and not one of them would take it. Said they were not taking them. What is up with that?

    I don’t know if users realize this or not, but if you download the coupon printer you are actually installing spyware on your computer.


    I got the coupon….no problem, but I can’t use it in Canada

    It is 1:30 p.m. pacific time and I cannot even get on the site to download a coupon. I bet that I never will.

    i was just woundering i watch your show every day and us canadians never get anything free fom you. why is that your fan Amanda

    Nice gesture since I am unemployed and a free dinner would have been nice. I could not download the coupon.

    The chicken must be like air pudding … no calories … since I can’t print the coupon.

    the coupon link is not working for me. it keeps saying it cannot display the web page. please help, i have to feed my children!


    Oprah, would not support a scam but KFC probably only want to give out so many so they will only let so many go through.
    Oprah, the thought was so nice, but the process was a nightmare! I am now going to have to oder fried chicken to make up for all the calories I lost by trying to print the coupon.
    FREE Factory farmed chicken!! WOW..FREE KFC.. thats great.. For who? Support organic. It’s healthier for the chickens and the people who eat them.

    It would be nice if you had something for us veg folk who don’t eat meat. Anyway, KFC is still being investigated for it’s horrific cruelty to chickens.

    I think I will be up all night trying to print the coupon…am not getting through and started thirty minutes ago.

    Two words: Blame Canada!

  • I think KFC is disgusting. I ate there once for the first (and last) time in 2000 or 2001 and still can’t forget how nasty it was. What Oprah is doing is a big disservice.

  • Dang I don’t have administrative rights to download the coupon installer.

  • I think that dgo belongs to a family at 10th and Quincy – but I am not sure. I do know that they have an Akita, but it has been a long time since I have seen the dog – so I am not sure. I would make a terrible witness 😉

  • i loves me some kfc. an addiction that i will never give up, and recently there have been more and more commercials on tv (damn sporting events) so i crave it more and more. mm, now i want some.

  • Just as I finished reading this I get an email here at work about the water main, and I’m all the way over at 4th and G. I hope this doesn’t affect today’s happy hour…
    “As many have noticed, the toilet water on the first through third floors on the 4th and H street side of the building has changed colors and become turbid [or is it KFC?]. This is the result of a water main break on Florida Avenue and will affect all unfiltered water sources in the building including all toilets, restroom sinks, and many kitchenette sinks….”

  • saf

    Kay – no, Bigdog (I’m not sure if that was his real name, but it’s what the kids called him) died a while back. So that’s not the dog from 10th and Quincy.

  • No worries for the kfc coupons – there is already one on ebay! I guess Eliot was wrong, THIS is the way the world really ends!


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Good news – the dog’s owner has been found!

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