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Trattu is located at 1823 Jefferson Place, NW:

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I’ve been curious about this place because it is located on a very small street in southern Dupont Circle. That and I love Italian food. I’m even more intrigued after checking out their web site. Check out the menu and celebrity section here. So any fans out there?


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  • I haven’t been there in over a year or two, but I have eaten there and remember how darling it was and sat outside as picture shows. Very romantic, intimate and the food was great! Thank you for posting b/c I couldn’t remember the name or place to return but have been wanting too!!!

  • Best Italian place in DC, by far. Always take the fam there when they are in town.

  • Ahoy !

    Long established, staid, refreshingly untrendy.

    Fresh flowers on white table cloths, bare brick walls, good Neapolitan eats, generous portions, decorative ceramics, surprisingly inexpensive.

    Well kept, clean. No fads. Consistently good, wholesome.

    Proprietor Giovanni Viezzi and his place are both Italian-American institutions in Washington that celebrities passing through DC just seem to find.

    Argh. Lunchtime.

    Writing about it, I think I’ll head over there now.

    Reformed Somali Pirate Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi

  • Haven’t been in awhile, but it’s my favorite Italian place in DC by a country mile.

  • Arg, my girlfriend works on the same block, and i’ve talked to the owner about vintage vespas for a while, but we’ve never gone in for dinner. Sounds like that needs to change.

  • With San Marco gone, this is the best italian in DC.

  • Just went there for my Dad’s birthday last week, definitely one of the highest quality italian places in the city but it was almost empty on a saturday. Maybe it’s the economy and maybe it’s just not trendy enough but try it out sometime you won’t be disappointed!

  • yes this place is awesome, good to see it get some press (since PoP readers tend to swarm anyplace that is covered). places like this are why I don’t want to live in Fairfax.

  • I had lunch there a while ago. It does have a charming and not flamboyant interior. Rather traditional which is a nice change from the fads. Reminds me of place in Italy. I barely recall the food, but that it was decent and service not too bad. Perhaps another try is in order. Also for Italian try The Iron Gate, just on the other side of Connecticut on N Street (I think). Very romantic. Nice outdoor patio. The owners occasionally close for a while to return to Italy.

  • Haven’t been in MANY years, but that will have to change. The several times I went in the past I had stellar, traditional, exactly-what-I-was-craving meals.

  • I love this place, their risotto is amazing!

  • The best kept secret in DC. I love taking my lunchdates to this cozy location. Try the Octopus carpachio it is truly a work of art.

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