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  • Tangier is one of my favorite spots in town! I’m a hookah fiend and this is the only D.C. hookah bar that’s up to quality. The guys who run it are mad friendly, to the point where they remember everyone who comes in and make you feel like a VIP. I go to just chill during the day or break up a night out (open until 4:30a on fri/sat!!!).

  • Tanguier has the best hookah experience I’ve ever had, but the bellydancing is where it really shines. One time there was this adorable British girl who got convinced to dance along and maybe it was the shisha in me but I basically fell in love. I keep going back but she’s never there. If anybody sees her there – she’s petite, red-head, and very spunky – just drop a comment.

  • Absolutely fantastic…great ambiance, fantastic shisha packs, and above all, absolutely unrivaled customer service. a perfect 10; easily the best shisha spot in DC

  • I have 4 or 5 hookahs at home (picked up from various travels) but I still come out to Tangier all the time. Hookah bars to me arent about smoking hookah, they are about the experience, and Tangier is perfect. Abdul, the owner, is incredible friendly.

  • As someone that doesn’t smoke, but is friends with many who do, I appreciate that the atmosphere of Tangier isn’t like a lot of the other Hookah joints around town that make you feel out of place for just wanting to chill.

  • I started reading this post early in the morning and I swore I read shiksa instead of shisha, since I know what a shiksa is (who my brother shouldn’t have married) and have no idea what the other one is.

  • Luvz it. The guys @TangierLounge are uber-friendly, and they’ll cater to your every whim to make you feel like you’re at home. The tea is fabulous, the shisha is smokin’, and the music is awesome. Highly recommended!

  • This place is my second home, or my only home really. I come a few times a week to enjoy the shisha, take advantage of the free wi-fi, and hang out with the guys that work there. It’s my favorite place in DC by far! Also, it’s a great place to meet people and make new friends!

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