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Pollo Granjero is located at 1742 Columbia Rd, NW. I’ve often wondered about this place which seems to be a bit more on the fast food side but often crowded. How’s the Pollo?

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  • Horrible (the pollo and pretty much everything else)…Granja d’Oro further down Columbia (across from Cashion’s) is much, much, much better….

  • Not inedible, but by no means awesome like Sabrosa.

  • how much do i love that they neglected to fill in prices for the meal and a coke deals? a lot.

  • what did this place used to be again. we loved it in highschool. they had a sign “open 25 hours” and sold beer to us

  • Yeah, you’re better off going to granja d’oro down the street on columbia road. it has some great lomo saltado and the chicken is awesome. el pollo sabrosa is also good.

  • It was “El Padrino” (the Godfather) when it was ‘open 25 hours’ and then it had a brief stint as “Lil’ Pecker’s” before the latest incarnation of crap.

    What I never understand is why a potential owner of one of these spots doesn’t look at a place like Pasta Mia, where the line is out the door every single night, and just copy it.

  • Anonymous 1:10 pm: It was Lorenzo Llerena’s Carryout (just as bad). This unusual huge corner location on Columbia Road could be much better. Lots of potential.

  • “Worst independent Latino chicken in DC 2004-2009”

    -El Gringo Reviews

  • Yeah, this is where ‘El Padrinos’ was. Didn’t the whole family that ran that place end up in jail? I don’t remember if it was drugs or trafficking people or what, but it was crazy. Plus if you spoke even the slightest bit of gringo espanol you could buy 40s after-hours. Then there was a mad shoot-out with MPD when the place got robbed like 3-times in a month, but I think it was Li’l Peckers by then.

    Their chicken? I have no idea. Never ate it.

  • Super Taco and Bakery down the block has pretty decent food. Not the best, but definitely a better option than Granjero, if you’re confined to this block of Little El Salvador.

  • The problem is that this place tries to sell food staples of too many different countries without being an expert (or even slightly good) in neither one. Just because the foods are from countries south of the Rio Grande doesn’t mean that they are related or that should be sold by the same restaurant.

    Salvadoran pupusas, Peruvian chicken, Mexican Tacos and quesadillas, Texan/Californian/etc burritos (I don’t feel like discussing where burritos are from) it’s too much! too many food types… I believe that the only place that is slightly decent on doing this is Pollo Sabroso, but just barely.

    Go to granja d’oro for quick peruvian chicken and other dishes, go to costa verde for good peruvian food, go to the pupuseria in Mount Pleasant for good pupusas, go to super taco for tacos and quesadillas.

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