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  • saf

    I haven’t been since it changed hands.

    It used to be Mrs Simpson’s, and had a Duchess of Windsor theme. One right, not long after his fall from grace, we sat at the table next to Bob Packwood’s table. Ick.

    The food was good though.

  • Been there once for dinner, not a fan.

  • Mrs Simpsons was great but I also like Pesto a lot. Its a great little neighborhood spot set apart from the bustling restaurant row. Nice little outdoor seating area and nice and QUIET ambiance inside. And of course the food is good too. def worth a try for those who havent been

  • My one dinner there did not tempt me to return. That’s a shame since I live next door. Nobody at my table was impressed with the food, service or price. I often wonder how they stay in business as the place is usually empty.

  • I went here a couple of years ago and had the carpaccio, mineral water and some house wine. It was pretty good and a nice otudoor stop on your way to the zoo.

  • I miss Mrs. Simpsons.

  • I used to live in that building, but never ate there. I did see famous-for-dc types coming and going from there fairly often.

  • I’ve only eaten there once (and I live nearby) about a year or two ago. The food was expensive and nothing special. It’s always pretty empty so I also wonder how they stay in business.

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