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  • Brasserie Beck is average at best. In terms of French food in the city, it’s on par with less expensive locations like Bistrot du Coin and Bisro d’Oc, but with a heaping side of pretension.

  • Real good beer selection. They have great mussel dishes. You get a hug pan full of mussels, cooked many different ways, most ways are specials. And it comes with amazing fries with 3 mayo types of sauces. Real amazing. It is basically a two person meal for like 12 bucks (could be wrong on that price)

  • Really good. My favorite mussels dish they have there includes chorizo and a cream sauce. Great frites. And the charcuterie plate is dominant.

    And if you like Belgians, then the Beer selection is top-notch.

  • Great Food, Great Beer, Great Atmosphere… K St. Prices 🙁

    That said, if you’re looking for Great Food, Great Beer, Great Atmosphere, and H St. Prices make the trek down to Granville Moores (http://www.granvillemoores.com/).

    GM is the rustic Belgian country chateau to Brasserie Beck’s gilded urban cafe. If you don’t mind making the pilgrimage out to H St. this place offers a lot of the food and beverage options of BB without the exorbitant prices or pretence of K St. That said, If I ever have a problem getting a table at Granville Moores I will deny ever recommending this place to you mooks.

  • Oh man – this place is great, great food and a really nice restaurant (aesthetics etc). the service is usually top notch. the pricing is fair – it’s not cheap but it’s reasonable for its level
    I also totally heart granville moore’s but they are on different planes … i don’t think the food is as good at granville’s but the people are awesome and also great setting.

  • Favorite restaurant in the city, with the best girl in town, makes Zoom268 happy.

  • The mussels are better at GM’s. Cheaper, too.

    Beck is the snooty place you take your date to to show her you’re all classy and erudite and $h!t. You also take your parents there to show them that DC isn’t all crackheads and human waste in the treeboxes.

  • never been, but a friend took her mom here last month and they both loved it.

  • My second-favorite restuarant, and my favorite date spot! (I only go with Zoom268)

  • Bistrot du Coin has great food, but the service is usually horrible. The servers are mostly slow and act like they’d rather be anywhere else.

  • In all fairness, I don’t think the slowness/”WTF do you want?” attitude is unique to Bistro du Coin’s servers. I think they get their training from the same place that trains Home Depot workers: avoid contact with customers at all cost and when they ask you something, disappear.

  • Brasserie Beck is a bad compromise. They are not priced as aggressively as the bistro type places (nor do they do this food as well) but they are cheaper than all of the haute cuisine type places. The fact is, their food is boring at best and in some regards sucks. At aminimum it is overpriced for what it is. It is where yuppies like myself go for happy hour to be around other yuppies. That makes for a good place to find members of the opposite sex with lax moral virtues but not for a meal.

  • There is the one old black guy at the Home Depot who stands near the entrance and literally knows where EVERYTHING in the store is. He’s great.

    The rest of the staff…well, not as much.

  • Totally. They’ve got some great Moule Frittes. Also, they have a beer sommilier who was knighted by this Belgian society. NPR did a really great piece on it about a year or two ago.

  • @ Markus…..WTF are you talking about? Home Depot? Off topic a tad, doncha think?

  • Marvin’s is pretty friggin’ awesome for moules et frittes.

  • Brasserie Beck is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Their bar and outdoor patio rocks. The servers are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Yes their beers are expensive but the alcohol content tends to be triple that of a regular beer so 3 Belgians and you’re drunk. I tend to eat around the perimeter of the menu (the starters, sandwiches and salads) which is very affordable. I went to Granville Moores to see what the hype was about their mussels and was severely disappointed (no broth for me to dip my bread in). Bistro Du Coin and Beck’s mussles are far superior in my opinion and you can definitly make it a meal for two out of Beck’s.

  • Bread pudding. That is all.

  • Outdoor patio and moule frites wins me over every time. Got sick from fishy smelly mussels and Granville 8 month ago. Never went back. Granville also a little dank.

  • saf

    Miss Bee – they are Belgian, rather than French.

    I like to sit at the bar, drink a Kasteel Rouge, and eat fries. Those are Beck’s strong points.

  • I really like Beck. I’ve been four times now. Expensive, but worth it. Delicious fries, as mentioned above – I think the best fries in the city. I’ve also had a completely ridiculous cassoulet – it was a special that night, but they have had a braised pork belly app that is very similar. I like the atmosphere and the beer menu is awesome.

  • Saf, I’m pretty sure you can grab and beer and fries anywhere in this fair city… good to know the “strong points” of the restaurant.

  • Brasserie Beck is great. I have no idea why people compare it with Bistro du Coin since that is not the same league. the food at Beck is much better (and the price is different). du Coin is basic fare with no or very limited innovation. Also while this might sound nit-picky, du Coin is French, Beck is Belgian. to me Beck is a cheap version of Marcels with more standard fare. The beer list at Beck is amazing, plus they have staff that is knowledgeable about the different beers.

    as an example just get the steak and fries at beck or du Coin and you will know the quality difference between the two places, du coin’s is a dry slap of leather, while beck’s is done exactly right, still juicy.

  • Best draft Belgian beer selection in town.

  • Good food, but I always draw the waiter with a chip on their shoulder.

  • Sully is a little dank.

  • Beck is my office’s go-to place for lunch and happy hour, but not worth it for dinner. The entrees are super expensive for what you are getting. And sure, Miss Bee, you can get beer and fries anywhere, but these are seriously that amazing that they are worth the special trip. By the way, for those who love Beck’s beer list, their beer sommelier, Bill, is now the beer buyer at D’Vine’s in Columbia Heights! He really knows a frightening amount about Belgian beer.

  • Bistro du Coin servers are exactly what you would get in France! I love the attitude — if you want French food why not feel like you are in France!

    As for Beck – I continue to find it pretentious for okay food. No it is not the same as du Coin but for the money I would spend at Beck I would prefer to go somewhere, like Marvin, and have great food AND great service without being talked down. I like my restaurants, even the fancy ones, more real.

  • Yes.

    First: It’s not cheap.
    Second: It’s not French, it’s Belgian.
    Third: there are a few combo’s that are better values. Anything that comes with fries.
    Fourth: I think the fries are the best in the city.
    Fifth: It’s not priced significantly differently than Granville Moore’s (a little more) and the fries are better. (Mussles are about the same.)

  • No, not worth your coin! You can get better mussels at Bistrot du Coin for nearly half the price. I have had several other menu items and just wasn’t impressed. The beer is delicious, but you pay for it.

  • I believe (though not completly positive) that the “beer sommelier” that was the main draw of this place has moved on. The food has been hit or miss for me, though I do love me some fresh oysters. The beer menu was great, but it helps to have an expert take you through it since there is some stuff that is truly awesome and one of a kind and some stuff that is similarly priced that tastes like the basic Belgians. Anyway, I love the bar because it is a cool place to lay your head after an afternoon finding out which beers were worth your dollar.

    On a side note, I think (but again, not positive) that the reason that beer menu was so glorious was the personal relationships with trappist and abbey brewers that the former sommelier cultivated. If that is the case, I’d expect the menu to snap back towards normal pretty soon.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue – It’s on like donkey dong, Maybe i just did not like to be served n=by bartenders in berets. And if i wanted dank and DARK I would go to Dans, Pollys, Duffys or Jimmys all wonderful perfectly dank, just not for fracking shellfish and cream!!!! mixed so you can get sick and possibly DIEEEEE

  • I’ve been here twice because I really wanted to like it. However, the wait staff remained snobby and very rude, and the food was just overpriced. I felt like, since I wasn’t dressed in a designer suit, that I didn’t belong in there. I have gone for hh, so I was pretty presentable.

    Good beer, but not worth $18 when your server rolls her eyes at every question you ask and goes out of her way to ignore you.

  • Wiedmaier’s got a kickass market in Old Town, a block from the Metro and next door to his other restaurant, Brabo. Tasty stuff.

  • Can anyone tell me Brasserie Beck is better than Les Halles? I really miss the frites at Les Halles. (Much crispier than GM’s.) I’m not much of a moules/frites person and I miss the Les Halles a lot. I like Bistrot du Coin, but I agree the service is slow there, but never truly *bad*. Leisurely is the best way to describe it and I love the open air cafe aspect.

    But back to Les Halles. I like French/Belgian food. I like brasserie food, neither too upscale, nor too downscale. Les Halles was perfect for romantic $150+ meals w/wine or $40 meals for a quick dash before the theater.

    How does Brasserie Beck measure up in that way? It it always a mint to eat there, or can you eat there cheaply if you skip the alcohol tab?

    Anthony Bourdain (the exec chef of Les Halles) describes a brasserie as a place for truck drivers and office workers to grab a meal. It’s for everybody. Brasserie Beck doesn’t sound like it’s for truck drivers. Am I wrong?

  • No, you’re right. Beck has some positive qualities, but even a solo diner is going to spend $35-$50; I don’t think too many of the entrees are under $25.

    The choucroute en croute is awfully good, though, as are a couple of those beef dishes.

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