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Duccini’s is located at 1778 U St, NW. I’m always on the hunt for good pizza and we’ve certainly discussed the topic at length. But I think it’s worth exploring good slices of pizza. I enjoy Moronis and Red Rocks etc. But sometimes I’m just looking for a slice. I think hands down Vace’s (Cleveland Park) has the best per slice pizza. Pete’s (Columbia Heights) is also good. But I’m wondering if there are other good per slice places. So how’s Duccini’s? Any other recommendations for per slice spots?

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  • it is extremely good – definitely a huge step up from the pizza bolis of the world

  • Only had it once and was really not happy with it. Borderline gross.

  • the one underneath subway in dupont is pretty sweet

  • They used to give out coupons that were good for a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s with your order, but I haven’t ordered from them in years, so I don’t know if they still do that or not.

  • how funny, i just walked by last night with a friend and noted that neither of us had been there yet. the people sitting outside on the benches seemed to be enjoying their GINORMOUS slices! bigger than albertos even. anyone know how much a slice goes for?

  • Duccini’s is BY FAR the best pizza in DC, for a slice or delivery too. I used to order from them all the time when I lived in Dupont, and was very disappointed when they wouldn’t deliver to condo in Petworth. That’s recently changed, and I’m THRILLED to have Duccini’s at home again!

  • Never had their individual slices, but Duccini’s delivery is pretty consistently solid. Nothing to go crazy for, but for good, relatively inexpensive delivery on a random night, I’d recommend it.

  • Agree w/DCflyer. Duccini’s is awesome pizza, the only i order from.

  • funny how peoples’ assessment of this varies.

    7 posts and no one has brought in a negative comparison of duccinis in relation to new haven or new york or chicago or iowa city or some other city! amazing!

  • I was going to make a comparison to Ceder Rapids, Iowa but decided it was just too mean.

  • I walked in off the street once and it looked skeevy. Skimmed the menu for a minute and walked out.

  • Don’t–Just Don’t!

  • New Haven, New York, Chicago, and Iowa City pizza is tasteless garbage. Everybody knows that the best pizza in the World can only be found in the lake country in Wales. It’s made by gnomes using Old World pizza techniques learned from hobbits and elves. Once you’ve had Welsh pizza, you might as well kill yourself. You will never find better pizza. And while I’m loathe to use hyperbole, all other pizzas are worse than Hitler.

  • How about people just admit that there is no “BEST” pizza and that it’s all based on personal taste? I personally hate Chicago style, but some people love it. I like true neopolitan, but think NY style is just “eh”. To each their own…

  • Duccini’s is great when you’re looking for cheap, no frills, delivery pizza to scarf while watching the game. It’s my go-to delivery place.

  • Duccini’s is great for simple pizza like dcdude says. I will admit that the slice is HUGE and sorta grosses me out. I think mainly because it is so big. They do offer a “personal” pizza for like $5 or so. While they don’t give out free Ben & Jerry’s coupons anymore, they do give you a free soda or 2.

  • I’ve been ordering delivery from them for years and think it’s some of the best delivery pizza around. A few weeks ago when passing by from a nearby happy hour, my friend said “let’s get giant slices”. I didn’t know they sold slices and it sounded like a good idea, but they turned out burnt, greasy and soggy. I couldn’t believe it was the same place. I had delivery from them last night and it was delicious.

  • We have pizza by the slice in Petworth at Seafood & Things! It’s not mind blowing by any means, but it’s pizza, it’s by the slice AND they feature it on their super ugly awning!

  • Interesting, I don’t do pizza that much unless drunk on a weekend night but have only done the faux J-slice from Duccini’s (I live 100 yards from there) and am never impressed. Only go there when the superior Bafetto’s has a too long of line.

  • I think the disconnect here may be their “big ass slice” that’s been sitting around vs. a delivery pizza that’s custom made. because their delivery pizza is seriously damn good. comparable to albertos.

  • nothing special…i def. prefer alberto’s chicken pesto, or pete’s new haven

  • Very true. I really like their veggie pizza (better than any other pizza place), but I’ve never had it by the slice…

  • Way better than Alberto’s, but nothing special — just solidly decent. Nice to be able to place online orders, as Duccinis’ phone people have been known to really screw up an order.

  • Duccini’s is best compared with Domino’s, Pizza Boli’s, and so on. It’s the same sort of thing- generic American-style pizza. I have no problem with it at all, but it’s no better or worse than most mass-produced chain-style pizza.

  • Awesome delivery pizza. Best around. Their strombolis (or calzones, not sure what the difference is nor do I care) are good too. White pizza is an overlooked gem on their menu. Never had it by the slice, but I would love to meet the person that can discern the difference between crap and bloody awful crap served by the jumbo slice places in Adams Morgan.

  • Great, now I want pizza.

  • I ordered a deep dish pie from Alberto’s for delivery once, and it might have been the worst pizza I’ve ever tasted. Maybe their regular thin crust is better?

  • i love albertos, but my own homemade is better. who knew pizza was so easy and satisfying to make?

  • Sorry to break it to the fans, but a friend and I both got violent food poisoning from this place. Granted, it was a while ago so I hope they’ve improved. But enjoy at your peril.

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