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  • The fourth horseman of the apocalypse!! I didn’t even read your caption and thought the same thing. New construction built to look like a hideous third-floor pop-up. And the end unit being taller makes the contrast even worse!

    What the hell is wrong with these people? Siding does NOT go with stucco or brick. It never looked good on those awful split-level ranches, and it certainly doesn’t look good on a rowhouse.

  • I like this one too. That one on the end (left) would be an excellent spot for a cafe.

  • when you are building el-cheapo exterior walls you have a choice to make between siding and plastic shingles. plastic shingles look about 10000x nicer, but i almost never see them used in DC.

    here’s my dad’s house in st. mary’s county with the plastic shingles of which I speak

    From Thanksgiving 2007

    plastic siding is INVARIABLY cheaply installed with joints between sheets showing at random places on almost every course and super cheapo end caps. drives me insane.

  • sorry about embedded HTML – this is the correct link to the photo I was trying to post


  • These are actually pop-ups built over what were once commercial space that look to be from the 20s or 30s. When I moved to the neighborhood, a couple of these shops were still occupied.

  • Her you’re from St. Mary’s County… so am I! Nice to see another former Southern Marylander on here.

    I live right up the street from these condos. Yeah, they were former commercial space and it’s a shame 4th Street, NE doesn’t have a thriving commercial center anymore. It could be really cute if there were some cafes and local shops on this stretch but I guess the neighborhood hood rats would ruin it for everyone but I digress.

  • Yeah, these were a Macy project— overpriced, but some bought them. The only problem with them is that the end two units were never finished, now they are becoming thug hangouts.

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