Judging Modern Homes


Here is another cool example from Brookland (Kearny Street, NE). I took a few shots but it was somewhat obscured by a tree. It certainly is a very different style from the other homes I saw in that area. The windows are wild. What do you think – thumbs up or down?


A few more photos after the jump (including a surprise for ‘not telling’).




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  • aww shucks. Thanks PoP!

  • I could see it fitting in someplace with mountains, like CA or CO, or even out in the suburbs, but it seems a bit unusual for DC proper.

    I’d also reserve thumbs up/down judgment for seeing what it looks like on the inside, and knowing what types of materials and practices were used in construction.

  • I think it’s beautiful, but I’m not sure it screams “home” to me. I look at it and think I would go there to learn how to throw pots.

  • Maybe it’s just the perspective, but I’m not a fan of the nearly-flat roof. It seems too wide somehow.

  • there is a brief explanation of the material usage on the architect’s website. also an interior shot.

  • The windows are cool, or at least interesting. But the front steps are awful somehow. Something you’d see in front of a 70’s junior high, and they really don’t add to the landscaping. So, to me it’s a nice shirt spoiled by an ugly tie.

  • I remember when this house was done (I live a few blocks away) and while I was extremely happy that someone would try something modern and of much much higher quality than some of the cheapie reno jobs that plague Brookland I always wished that the windows in front had been a little better balanced…but that’s just me. I see the variance in spacing between the windows and even though I know that the placement is likely determined to some degree by the internal structure of the wall, it still bugs me. But aside from that, I love the house. 😉

  • just checked out the photos on the architect’s site: very, very awesome.

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