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I took my first walkabout in Eckington this past weekend and thanks to a reader saw some cool buildings (both old and new). The building above are located on R Street NE between 2nd and 3rd. It’s the first rowhomes/condos I’ve seen in this style. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • Thumbs up. I am glad that you are showing stuff from NE. It is sadly in need of attention from us NW folks.

  • thumbs sideways—it’s an interesting enough design, but instead of lining things up with the extant row houses on the block, they built these with a greater setback, which breaks up the continuity of the street. i would like it better if they had built along the same setback line, getting rid of those sunken cells in front of the buildings.

  • Up. I hope they’re well-built.

  • Thumbs up. I usually don’t like modern takes on the rowhouse, but these work well.

  • I like them.

  • they were built in phases, with the first phase getting substantially better finishes than the second. first phase was done around 2001, second phase around 2007 if memory serves correctly (which it typically doesn’t).

  • IMGoph: you have it backwards, but your point is still the same. They have a much lesser setback than the extant row homes, sticking our farther. It still is obnoxious, especially to the rowhome just to the west of this monstrosity. They now walk out of their front porch and get a jarring wall of cinderblock. This cinderblock construction looks rushed. The paint started coming off of the front stairs and rails after one winter on the newest stuff. I think it’s atrocious, and most importantly, does not complement the existing homes. If the photo captured the rowhomes around these condos, I think the vote would be different.

  • j.t.: you’re right. my bad. the more i think about it, the more “thumbs down” my vote is.

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