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I thought this one was really cool. It is the Mexican Embassy on Pennsylvania Ave., NW. I like how the built it around the two existing row houses. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • loathe the style in general, but especially this example. It looks like they built a parking garage around it. There are a bunch of similar examples around the West End and they all look equally bad. The original facade is so overwhelmed by the new that there was no point in keeping any of it. Whatever historical context it may have provided no longer exists.

    I do really like your photo — I’m strictly judging the building here 🙂

  • The photo makes me sad. The Mexican Embassy does indeed look like a parking garage. The rowhouses are completely dwarfed by everything around them. Are they even occupied? The one on the right looks like the windows are covered up.

  • Neither style is particularly remarkable, but smooshing the two together draws attention to them both in a BAD way.

  • It’s not actually that bad when you are just walking by – most people don’t look up like PoP always does! 🙂

  • I like the way they did basically the same thing with the Spanish embassy better…


  • Isn’t that right across from Founding Farmers?

    I don’t really have an opinion on the building, but Founding Farmers is quite tasty.

  • the rowhouse part is fine.

    the rest of the thing is a complete utterly horrible looking mess. it blows my mind that things so ugly can be built. what the heck were they thinking?

  • mmmm…. Founding Farmers

  • Me gusta.

    It’s a much better alternative than just bulldozing the rowhouses, and it looks better than the usual smooth wall o’glass/steel/concrete.

    But that’s just me. I could be wrong.

  • Pop, I swear we are in the same areas a lot of the times. This is across from my fave restaurant right now—Founding Farmers.

  • The 2 facades are a remnant of what was known as the Seven Buildings ca. 1796, note that this row once extended to 19th Street, refer to James Goode’s Capital Losses which is informative.

  • the mexican embassy doesn’t look that bad in person – this picture makes the window parts look like they are open space like a garage, but in person it holds together better IMO

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