Judging Backs of Rowhomes


I thought this, in Mt. P, was one of the greatest screened in porches that I’ve ever seen. Given the fact that the mosquitos are going to descend upon us in about a month I thought this was worth admiring. Check out the sweet double skylights:


Anyone know what something like this would cost?

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  • I’d guess around $12-15k, depending on the materials used, and what needs to be done to shore up the structure underneath.

    And “mosquitos are going to descend upon us in about a month”? I’m doing my best to resist scratching the two bites I have right now! Maybe the skeeters come to CH earlier? We are a little further south than Petworth…

  • This is exactly what I was thinking of doing to deck out back. I assume you have to get a permit to screen it in?

  • That is NICE!!!!!!!!

  • I like it, but I’d like it more if they painted the exterior wood to match and/or complement the house.

  • you have to get a permit to do almost anything to your house in DC.

    and these people are crazy for having that exposed, non-treated wood in the back. It should definitely be wrapped in flashing or otherwise protected.

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