I’ve Always Loved This Church at 16th and Monroe

DSCN8746, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve walked by this Church dozens of times and always thought it was cool because it’s nestled into a residential block. But it was only when I was dropping off a PoP t-shirt that I noticed the coolest part:


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  • you know that funny white building in front of that church? that also kind of looks like a church? well its apartments and i live in one of them. my window faces the church, and every sunday, I’m jolted from my hangover back into the world of the living, by the sounds of the black baptist choir.

    I love where I live.

  • saf

    Have you ever looked at the arches above the doors? Those are way cool.

  • Jules — what’s the inside of that funny white building look like? It was vacant for so long and then it was being worked on for a long time after. Is it nice inside?

  • PoP – you took a picture of the back of the church. The front side on Newton Street is even nicer. It was originally built as Gunton Temple Memorial Presbyterian Church and when that congregation moved to Maryland in the ’60s it became Canaan Baptist Church.

  • I have a church bulletin (dated May 8, 1921) that says: address- 14th and R Streets, NW
    Pastor: Rev. Bernard Braskamp, M.A.
    The Kenesaw (?) 16th and Irving Streets
    Phone: Columbia 712

    Sermon: “The Storm-tossed Disciples”

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