If Only I Had Seen This 5 Minutes Earlier

DSCN8732, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This was at the corner of 11th and Florida. When I was a few blocks away I saw a spot that offered prayers for 5 bucks and I was like, “damn I’m not going to be able to beat that.” So I paid my 5 bucks and prayed that it would stop raining, then I saw this sign. And then it rained all day Sunday, rough weekend.

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  • Is that tiny chinese writing in the corner of the sign? or a bar code? Either way I like it. Either way it works as well as prayer.

  • Prayer: How to do nothing and still think you are helping

  • lol – we saw this guy and immediately thought how perfect this would be for PoP. did you see the people offering the free prayer as well or just the sign?

  • yeah totally you guys! isnt prayer so stupid! haha! we are so much smarter than people who waste their time praying!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @TonyS, I think you might be missing the point here…

  • @Victoriam: it is a bar code not chinese.

    And isn’t all prayer free? Just wondering.

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