House of the Day (Re-PoP)

My favorite DC house, originally uploaded by ewilfong.

This house has just about received every honor I can give. It was just added to the flickr pool by ewilfong who titled it, “My favorite DC house”. I thought it was worth a re-PoP as ewilfong is a much better photographer than I am. This is definitely in my top 10 favorite houses. I’ve been thinking about setting up my own impromptu walking tour. Maybe I should do my top 10 favorite houses of the day?

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  • That’s a stunning porch. Where is this house?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    13th and Euclid

  • The owner of the house was the realtor who worked for the buyer when I bought our house. So when I visited his house to sign some papers, I was inspired to make ours as nice. Well that never happened.
    Each time I see his house I am just blown away. Love his house.
    Great realtor too and he was working on the buyers side.

  • Here’s little inside scoop about this house. The owner approached a little old lady who wsa living there – perhaps this is ten years ago – and he said – you know this is too much house for you and he bought it from her for a ridculous amount of money – I think about $60,000 and now look at it – truly amazing. I tried this same tactic about 8 years ago – I wanted a house on Fairmont St. – and it did not work. The owner thought I had lost my mind 🙂

  • I have always admired this house. I used to work at Fannie Mae and would pass by everyday on my way to work as the work was being done. I remember seeing in the MLS that this house was bought in cash for ~999K. Mike, are you sure about the 60K?

  • I am sure – not sure how many times it has changed hands, but I know that this house was sold to someone (i thought current owner) for a pittance.

  • I live across the street and am so happy to see it out my window every morning. More than a little jealous of the rooftop hot tub.

  • Ok so about 6 years ago we were walking down past this house to watch the fireworks from Cardozo on the 4th of July. The people sitting on the front porch of this house were pretty obnoxious – yelling at the crowds of people, “GO BACK TO MARYLAND.” Yes, there were lots of people on their sidewalk, and cars in the streets, but most of us were from the hood and just wanted to walk to a place nearby to watch the show. Kind of soured me on the beauty of this house.

  • Great house! I heard from a reliable source it is owned by two handsome Euro- Bluebloods, hence the odd flag with the hearts often hanging out front. The old woman story is wrong though. I think it was some sort of cult church or something before. Probably haunted. Cool!

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