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  • Where the @#$% is this house? I know I’ve passed it a million times and now that I see the picture, I can’t locate it in my mind. Any ideas?

  • Is this the house on Park Rd just south of Mt Pleasant St? The house used to be owned by Dave Clark (former Chairperson of the DC City Council).

  • Oh man.. hopefully the current owner puts it in the market so that someone can save that beauty…

  • I was just walking by this house the other day, thinking that it deserved to be a House of the Day. It’s on that strange block of Park Road that has the sort of triangle-shaped “park” in front of it. All of the houses on that stretch are pretty sweet, but this is the stand-out.

  • i always think, especially on rainy dreary days like we’ve had lately, that there’s an old lady living in that house trying to trap children into her stove.

  • i live around the corner from this house. there’s an old man (with a sort of mountain man look) who’s often sitting out front. house is great, but needs some serious work.

  • Some neighbors have taken to calling the owner Grizzly Adams. He’s a really nice guy. The house appeared on the cover of Washingtonian magazine a couple of years ago in their “Best Places to Live” issue, except it had been photoshopped to look like it had just received an immaculate paint job. (http://www.washingtonian.com/block_dbimages/6228/2007_Apr.jpg).
    So apparently, last month’s Obama cover scandal was not the first time Washingtonian used photoshop for dastardly purposes.

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