Historic Diner Makes it to DC

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Thanks to Nichole for snapping some photos of the diner. And for those that missed it in the comments yesterday here’s word from the owner of Jimmy Valentine’s:

“hey y’all, owner of jimmy valentine’s here. this diner is directly between the one-block distance from my house in trinidad to my bar on bladensburg rd. i know matt & patrick well and have watched the course of their project firsthand. i’ve also been watching them try to drop the diner in place all day (it’s approved to go in now). they have bent over backwards to meet DCRA code throughout this process, they have built everything correctly, and have had met with unnecessary ‘frustration’, shall we say most gently, at every turn. the silly difficulty of today’s process has been financially wasteful, and isn’t it remarkable that an attempt to bring a positive business to a blighted neighborhood can attract such negative attention from authorities in a place that can’t otherwise seem to get any?

that being said, i’ve been a home-owner here for nearly 6 years and have never once encountered any problems with my neighbors and people on the street here (jimmy valentine’s has zero police reports to its address in nearly 2 years since opening). simple truth is that where there’s no prey, there are no predators, and i call bullsh*t on whoever commented on “[ducking automatic gunfire]” last time they were in our ‘hood. nobody shot at you “hilltop”, especially next to CVS as you claim (”h and bladensburg”). corner drug dealers trump muggers; dealers won’t allow that kind of crime because of the police attention it draws. of course, now that more businesses are moving here we’ll soon attract the kind of criminals that plague dupont, georgetown, adams morgan, u st., and increasingly on h st…

commentary & rant aside, the diner itself is a bona fide ‘47. it’s deceptively small, it’s way cool, and it actually fits the street/landscape here like it’s been here all along (though honestly it’s currently more like a mirage looking off my back deck after years of nothing but shady used car dealers). matt & patrick are hard-working and honest people pursuing their vision completely out of their own pocket and i’m confident they’ll get the food and menu right. the intense problem-solving you witnessed today is just the tip of the iceburg and they’ve got no safety net in this venture. few people have that kind of fortitude.

best of luck boys, i never thought the day would come when a 20-bag would no longer be the first commodity available walking out my front or back door : )

mark @ jimmy valentine’s lonely hearts club”


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  • Diners are cool, nationwide they have a unique appeal, this is not the first diner on wheels, diners have been moved in Huntingdon, Pa, which sits on a flatbed awaiting a new owner, Silver Spring Maryland a few years ago, or have been renovated like the one in Bethesda due to a fire there.
    The movie Diner speaks volumes about these institutions as Trinidad in NE now has one of these homey places.

  • I officially claim the last counter stool on the right. Looking forward to being a regular fixture at Cap City Diner.

  • “jimmy valentine’s has zero police reports to its address in nearly 2 years since opening”

    ha… fairly certain that jimmy’s just got a major citation for continually staying open late and serving… (and let’s not mention the copious amounts of drugs running around that place)

  • Having gone to college in Huntingdon I wish someone would buy Grubbs Diner. Its actually free as long as you pay to move it. Anyone want to chip in with me to move it somewhere around here? I have fond memories of waiting FOREVER for food in that place. Its pretty awesome.

  • Awesome, can’t wait.

  • Interesting thread on DCis about the problems of getting things done – with tweets and such from the owners. Something about the cement foundation not being up to code possibly because the architect (who it seems wasn’t licensed in DC) didn’t have it done right.

  • In response to the post @[email protected] about hbuntingdon and Juniata College, I agree with you if the Huntingdon County Historical Society agrees, as the land and the rents are far cheaper there, I loved the homey atmosphere at Grubbs as my roots are there, next time you go, I think Boxers Cafe and Miller’s diner as you might know are super!
    The people will smile in Huntingdon, as Grubb’s Diner can be found at the 22 motel on US 22.
    Rothrock Outfitters downtown Huntingdon and Laney’s Feed Mill carry a good selection for anyone considering a trip to Raystown Lake, a few minites away.

  • Anon 5:16 nothing can compare to Boxers and the Bread at OIP and the chocolate peanut butter pie at Millers….and the buffalo chips at Main Street. God I need to get back there soon to get fat.

    I can’t believe how much I miss Huntingdon…

  • When you (10:22 PM) do return for a visit to Huntingdon, you will see along the way near Orbisonia on US 522, PennDot has replaced that narrow bridge that crosses Blacklog Creek, known as Blacklog Narrows.
    In the Fall check out Hartslog Day in nearby Alexandria, Pa, always on the second Saturday in October.

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