Good Deal or Not? Ridiculously Cool Looking Building Edition


This condo is located at 1502 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This boutique 8-unit property was recently renovated just 4 years ago. Bright 2BR, 1.5BA condo residence, featuring wood-burning fireplace, bamboo floors, kitchen has Gran Counters & SS, recessed lighting t/o, private patio, w/ d in unit, & extra storage. Close to Whole Foods Corridor & 2(Red & Green) Metros”

More info here and a virtual tour here.

I’ve always loved this house/building so I’m glad to get to see what one of the condos looks like. I’d be more interested in one on a higher floor but this one looks pretty good too. Hard to get a feel of the size from these photos though. What do you think of the condo itself? Does $434,900 sound reasonable?

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  • Nicely staged cat!

    The condo seems awfully small from the photos, and the condo fees seem a bit on the high side to me (tho I’ve never had to pay them, so what do I know, perhaps they’re in the right range).

  • Good deal, I think. It is priced lower then the comps, but then it is a basement level apartment.

    One thing that I think might lower the value a bit is the terrace access. I can’t tell if the only access is through the second bedroom or not, but if that is the case, it is unfortunate. The room already looks too small to function as a full bedroom.

    I also find it odd that the cupboard above the refrigerator is installed lower than all the other cupboards. Its just an odd little quirk but it irritates me.

  • oh, and I’m not crazy about the fireplace finish either. It feels very cold to me.

  • I’d tend to agree that the unit is smallish, and probably would suggest they’d have fewer disappointed prospective buyers by calling it what it is: a 1BR + den. But it’s nicely appointed and — save the awkward, only-through-the-bedroom access to the outdoor space — makes an efficient use of the space. The terrace is a nice feature; it looks like a pretty big space. And the location, as far as city living, is great. I’d say it’s priced a little high for what it is, but not by that much.

  • The “second bedroom” is a 5 foot wide hallway to the back terrace. Definitely deceptive to call this place 2br.

  • Location is stellar, but I really really really hate it when Realtor’s call 1 bed + den a 2 bedroom… There is no WAY you could fit a bed in that room, and its obvious that its so small they had to paint vertical stripes just to make it look bigger. We just sold our 1 bed + den and the den was so much larger than this “bedroom”… seriously, there is barely any room between the couch and the tv.

    Its priced right but call a spade a spade PLEASE!

  • Started singing this when I saw the pic:

    “The house is a museum.
    When people come to see’em.
    They really are a scre-am.
    The Addams Family.”

  • wait… if the listing is correct and its only 700 square feet, this place is over priced… $620 per square foot… and no parking!

  • Is it just the weird lens, or is the door to the backyard space made for little people?

    If it doesn’t have a closet and a window, it’s not a bedroom. In fact, I didn’t see any closets in these pictures.

  • That condo fee is not unreasonable. It’s a cute place. The 2nd room is small, but you could fit a full mattress bed in there. A decent sofa/sleeper would probably work better. I agree that it works better as a 1 BR plus, especially if one incorporates the 2nd room to flow with the spacious patio.

    Is $620/sqft high for this neighborhood? I think it looks reasonably priced for a unit that requires not an ounce of work. Parking is at a premium around here, and would probably add $40-50K per space to the cost.

  • I saw this place, and the 2nd bedroom would hardly qualify as a bedroom, and the layout was quite strange. I think it is a true 1 bedroom and would function better if they removed one of the walls. The outdoor patio was nice. I’d definitely be interested in something on a higher floor in that building.

  • Love the huge outdoor space…. any rats?

    How high are the ceilings? Bedroom looks around 8 feet. I guess in a house like this gorgeous one, the basement/garden level was built as accessory space (kitchen, washroom etc) and the upper floors have the high ceilings and nice molding

  • Layout looks cramped. DuPont *maybe*— 13th street. eh.

  • Odd faux finish on the fireplace! Nice, but small and in the basement – nice outdoor space though – I would say a bit high.

  • Yea, this is a 1br + den (or hallway). Bad realtor for calling this a 2 br. Bad bad realtor. Someone with teeth (not the NAR or one of their other lobbying groups) needs to do something to bring sanity to these complete lie listings. It wastes people’s time, but these realtors don’t care at all about that. Luckily, with every place having pictures nowadays, its easier to cross the lies off the viewing list. And, at least this realtor listed the real square footage rather than leaving it blank. But, again, bad bad realtor.

  • I love this place…I wish I could live in Logan Circle! It’s charming and really pitomizes city living…using the space efficiently without sacraficing style. So the door to the outside is in what everyone has declared is a den. Big deal.

    Very charming and very charactoristic of that area. I’ve been to several open houses in that area, and it’s priced right.

  • *epitomizes

  • My realtor took me to this place and while small, it is very functional. The patio is actually a great space (not made for little people). And, although it may be more accurate to call the back room a “den” it does qualify as a bedroom in real estate speak (window, closet, door)…its not a glorified hallway. It’s also priced well for the neighborhood.

  • “Is $620/sqft high for this neighborhood?”

    Uh, yes. That’s high for pretty much anywhere in DC, except maybe Georgetown.

  • Just to respond to the posting immediately above…please do more research before you make blanket statements like that. If you actually looked up similar listings on redfin, you would have found several links to similar apartments within just a few blocks of this unit.

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