Good Deal or Not? Pride of Ownership Edition


This home is located at 634 Otis Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Location, Location, Location! Community reflect pride of ownership. Very stable Columbia Heights neighborhood. This three level homes is perfect for the first time home buyer including HPAP program participants. Close to public transportation, Howard University School and Hospital.”

More info and photos found here.

This looks like a home that lots of my friends live in. It is a classic rowhome not completely pimped out but very nice. But for the fact that there is only 1 bathroom I think this sounds pretty good at $350,000. Sound reasonable to you?


For those that just want some Friday fun the condo above is a 2 bed 2.5 bathroom located at 1229 10th St, NW. There is a sweet virtual tour here. It’s asking price is $669,000.

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  • A 3 bedroom house in livable condition close to the metro for $350k? sounds good to me. unless there are major underlying issues with the house, good deal for sure.

  • Its 2 blocks from the Park Morton housing projects. That’s why its so cheap.

  • Park Morton is getting torn down, no? Or is that an unfunded pipe dream pushed by unscrupulous council members, like what Bowser does with her various GA Ave plans?

  • I live down the street from the second condo. somebody please buy that. You can totally get it for 150-175K less than the asking price; it has been on the market for over a year. I know for a fact that the owner is really motivated to move this place.

  • it’s a dump in a very sketchy neighborhood, which is why it has been on the market forever.

  • I actually toured the second condo. It’s pretty nice, but a bit overpriced. And one scary (if you don’t like heights), spiral set of steps on the outside leading to the roof…but the roof is a nice space.

  • I wouldn’t call that “very sketchy,” only moderately sketchy. And that area is improving rapidly with the development around Petworth metro. It looks like a typical low-end renovation.

    Downsides, small lot, low-end renovation, moderate sketchiness for now. No indication of parking (it says “street parking”), no central a/c. It seems like an okay price, I bet it could be had for a little less. Definitely a good buy in the long run.

  • Anon, if this is true, why wouldn’t the owner of the second place just drop the price $100k and let the offers roll on in.

  • Had for lower than 350? Come on! Highway robbery! At this rate if I just wait a little longer my house will be worth what I originally paid for it in 2000. Yay! That would suck. Wow, home values are shrinking in a major way the more I read GDON.

  • wow. that neighborhood is total sketch. I have been there several times after moving to Petworth and will not go back after dark. SCARY!

  • I looked at the slide show for the row house on Otis. Is it me, or does the kitchen not have an oven/range? That is the kind of little thing that really hurts how a house shows (that, and the fact that they include the trash cans in the photos of the front of the house).

  • Ha. Two completely different neighborhoods and too many comments about sketchiness that don’t specify which one!

    The Otis location should be OK. It’s really close to the GA Petworth metro, with Warder being a decent enough street and no need to walk by Park Morton. It’s also got great bus routes up and down Georgia Avenue.

    Bit disadvantage is that it’s a long walk to a grocery store. The CVS at GA Petworth will be a big plus for this neighborhood, just in terms of being able to buy some of life’s necessities.

  • Otis Place house is actually a pretty nice, charming section of Park View. I walk my dog there early morning and late evening and I see nothing ‘sketchy’ about it. Sounds like ‘Anonymous’ has ulterior motives or is pissed about how much he or she paid for his place a few years ago.

    Now, in my mind a ‘sketchy’ looking section is the 700 block of Newton. Even then, most of the people there are pretty pleasant. Its all in your approach.

  • Otis looks like a good little house; has a basement too! Lots of good green space nearby, and good things coming to the Petworth metro as well.

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