Good Deal or Not? Cape Cod Edition


This home is located at 2020 Lawrence Street, NE:

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The flier says:

“Nicely restored detached Cape Cod. The facade belies the very sharp interior. New HVAC systems. 2-zone: Lower Level and first and second floors. Enjoy large yard. Parking. This is Value Packed and an investment grade property. Shown easily by appointment. Bonus lower level for au pair suite or “mother-in-law suite”.”

More info and photos found here.

Let me say that Brookland really knocked my socks off. A great quiet neighborhood with some really cool homes. There are a few restaurants but my friend who lives there told me that his and his wife’s number one complaint is the lack of restaurants and bars. But it’s not too far by car or bus from the hot spots.

So this home is interesting. It has dropped from $542,000 to the current asking price of $499,000. In addition to the price what do you think of the home itself?

Ed. Note: I think this home may actually be in a neighborhood called Woodridge which borders Brookland.

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  • This is in Woodridge.
    There are fewer restaurants than Brookland, but it’s a great neighborhood. (and Brookland’s very close!)

  • This is a pretty – simple, but pretty – house – didn’t know they came this way in DC.

  • I’m not sure why this is listed as a “Cape Cod” style home. I have to admit, this is a major pet peeve of mine. This is clearly a bungalow, “Craftsman,” or “Arts and Crafts” home, as demonstrated by the shed roof and the open-gable porch. Cape Cods typically have steep roofs, white gable ends, and multiple dormers. I’ve seen tons of real estate listings lately with “Cape Cod” and “Craftsman” used liberally to describe traditional, colonial, or contemporary neo-colonial styles that new, suburban tract homes showcase. It seems to me that real estate agents should leave an architectural description out unless they’re absolutely sure that they’re using the right one!

    Ok, with that out of the way….I admit to not knowing much about the neighborhood, but Woodridge has TONS of fabulous bungalows. It’s always a treat to get up there.

  • Thank you, K! I was just about to say the same thing! Just because a house is one-and-a-half storeys does NOT make it a “Cape Cod” (which isn’t really an appropriate moniker for the style down here anyway, as the form existed in Md. and Va. in the 17th and 18th centuries). This is definitely a Craftsman-style bungaloid.
    It’s amazing how clueless some realtors are when it comes to architectural terminology – aren’t they supposed to love houses?!

  • This is actually in the Lawrence Circle neighborhood, which takes its name from a traffic circle that was suggested to Pierre L’Enfant by close friend Alexander Hamilton in 1792. The circle was never constructed, and there is no mention of it in L’Enfant’s final report to Congress, but it is a lovely neighborhood nonetheless.

  • @JohnnyReb: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this!

  • yup – it’s a beautiful bungalow and it’s one of the many in woodridge.

  • While I don’t know this neighborhood or the comps, I don’t really see the appeal since at this price you could get a nicer and bigger house in Petworth, or something similar in Silver Spring, MD.

    Also, in April 2009 the median price for houses in this zip code was $240k:

    But, PoP, I like the branching out into other neighborhoods for GDoN… now that you’ve posted on just about every house on the market in Petworth/Col Heights/Mt P/U Street 🙂

  • anon: maybe part of the appeal is the different style of house. not everyone wants a “wardman-style” rowhouse, or a ranch out in silver spring. if you’re looking for bungalows, woodridge, south central, gateway, and parts of brookland are the place to be.

  • IMGoph: Good point, I should clarify that I didn’t mean that this house or this neighborhood couldn’t appeal to many people, but I don’t see the appeal at $500,000 knowing what that can get you in other neighborhoods.

  • People pay a premium for 4 walls and proximity to downtown. This has the advantage over SS for proximity to downtown. Petworth has some SFHs, but how many are in good condition for less than $500k?

    that said, there is a suspicious lack of pictures, so who knows if this is a good deal.

  • Yeah, I don’t get this one. Location is blah. House is blah. And it’s not like you can anticipate any tremendous development coming to this area. I can think of many better ways to spend half a mil. (I do, however, respect the virtual tour’s ballsy claim of an “Ocean View.”)

  • Not a great price for the neighborhood. Lawrence Circle is filled with these little bungalows.

  • This price seems very low to me. How is it that people are complaining about it being overpriced? Good luck finding a comparable place in Petworth, CH, or Mt. Pleasant for under $750,000. I think the price is so low because it isn’t a terribly walkable neighborhood.

    I love the style though.

  • My “house that got away” is three doors down from this one. Beautiful woodwork, original light fixtures, built-in bookshelves, huge back yard…. sigh.. the legendary “Lawrence House”. (At least in my mind).

    Unfortunately, it was a foreclosure and had been left to rot – so much mold in the basement that we couldn’t even get an estimate on removal.

    We spent nearly 6 months looking in Woodridge and Brookland – mainly because we fell in love with the houses. It still breaks my heart how many beautiful homes there are that were just languishing – holes in walls, copper pipes torn out, vandalized nearly beyond repair.

    We finally found a house in Eckington, which I do love, but Woodridge – 10 years from now, that place will be the next Chevy Chase or Takoma Park.

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