Good Deal or Not? 22 Foot Ceiling Edition


This home is located at 4508 15th Street, NW:

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Sadly, there is no flier summary but it is a 3 bed 3.5 bath row house renovated in 2004. It says it has two decks and a master suite with 22ft cathedral ceilings.

You can find more info and photos here. It’s in a slightly different format here on Zillow.

The photos do look quite nice. The flier I picked up says it is for sale for $649,000. Interestingly the “Zestimate” is $614,500. I’m not sure if it sold or they took it off the market (I picked up the flier just this past weekend) but let’s assume it’s for sale for $649,000. Does that sound reasonable?

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  • I really like the renovations. $615 still sounds steep maybe b/c Im poor but I am really digging this HOUSE!

  • Pretty impressive. Is that priced right for that neighborhood and for the local market being down 18%? I just don’t know anymore.

  • sucks that the outdoor space is so limited. master bedroom looks nice, but having an attic is really practical for heating/cooling, and storage purposes.

    has 20011 really taken anything close to an 18% hit? i think houses this caliber in 16th st heights are still fetching high prices.

  • The 18 percent drop is for the entire metro region and not DC specific. So it includes areas like PG and Loudoun Co. where prices have fallen by 25 percent or more. DC prices have not fallen 18 percent and in some neighborhoods have actually gone up.

  • The price seems in the right ballpark anyways. I like the vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom but I can’t help but think of all the lost attic space and the AC bills. It is a long long haul to the metro.

    Zillow estimates, IMO, are worthless. I’ve seen them range from 100k less than the list price to 100k over.


    Looks like it is under contract after being on the market for 37 days. It sold for $577k in 2004. Looks like a nice house, but I have trouble seeing why it should go for over $600k being so far from Metro or any retail.

    RD, yeah, median sale prices in zip code 20011 are definitely down:

  • I have trouble seeing why it should go for over $600k being so far from Metro or any retail.

    Maybe some folks don’t want to be near Metro or retail. Maybe they want peace and quiet and are willing to pay a premium.

  • We saw it recently. It’s set up so that it could have an apt downstairs – except that there’s a fulllfledged staircase from first floor to basement, and nothing is hooked up in the basement. Some lost value there, probably.

    And it’s pretty crazy that they have ZERO plant life anywhere near the house. I think there’s a certain amount of lost value due to turning the place into a virtual parking lot, front and back.

    And despite loss of the attic, I like the renovations, they are generally good, though a tad idiosyncratic.

  • i always assume that if someone can afford that price, they probably have a car or two and don’t mind driving to where they need to be. i used to live up on 16th and Upshur and drove everywhere….but i love driving.

  • “Maybe some folks don’t want to be near Metro or retail. Maybe they want peace and quiet and are willing to pay a premium.”

    Fair point; that is what I and most of my friends value, and it seems to be what people who read this blog value, but I tend to forget that there are many other people who value different things (and maybe I will someday, too). And this house is on the S bus line and close to the Park, so that’s nice. Still, there are a lot of housing options for people who want peace and quiet, so I’m not sure you’d have to pay a premium for it as you do for housing near the Metro (of which there is a scarity).

  • “Maybe some folks don’t want to be near Metro or retail. Maybe they want peace and quiet and are willing to pay a premium.”

    No doubt that certain people prefer not being near Metro or retail, but no one really pays a premium for that. People pay a premium for something they desire that is in short supply. There’s no shortage of properties not close to Metro or retail in either DC or the suburbs.

    I think $650 is too much, high $500s seems more reasonable to me. But it is a nice renovation, so maybe someone with the cash will scoop it up anyway.

  • First thing on my list if I owned this house: replace those nasty metal porch supports with columns to match the neighboring houses (and the ones that were originally on this house).

  • Well the flippers had to make their money back and this definitely seems like a flip/staggers project.

  • I get the meaning of flip, but what are “staggers?”

  • andy–seriously you’ve never heard of staging? there have been tv shows for years about this. Its all about furnishing and decorating the house in a way that enhances its best features and minimizes the bad ones. IMO, a completely overhyped concept.

  • They probably meant “stager” which means you stage a house for selling purposes. Everything looks perfect from couches, mirrors, etc to compliment the space. Washington Post did a huge story on this. You can definitely tell when a house is staged (or most likely when a house hasn’t been staged!)

    Its all about appealing to the potential buyer, where they think, “hey, I could live here..” As you’ll read in most POP GDON and house porn, crappy dated furniture is the first thing that turns people off to a house (even though that crap leaves with the seller!)

  • Stripped of 100 per cent of its original character, and infused with some bad fake character.
    Not to my taste at all.
    That said, I don’t believe a house of that size as far out of the center is as desirable as the asking price, but I’m no expert.

  • This is a reasonable price for this house. It is a great neighborhood and despite what others have said, it is about 4 blocks from a neighborhood coffee shop and less than a mile – I walk it all the time – from Columbia Heights. The S buses are a block away on 16th and the 52/54 a block away on the other side on 14th – extremely public transit friendly.

    Houses in the neighborhood have been retaining value, just selling a little more slowly.

  • Also, the stairs from basement to the first floor make the home flexible for rental or future use. If you don’t have a connected basement it changes the tax basis of the house because it is assumed that it is an income unit and not somewhere you will live. Just having stairs in my former house – although we rented the basement and didn’t use them – helped with the mortgage and the taxes.

  • Sorry, I feel dumb for not realizing “staggers” was supposed to be “stagers.” Since we just bought a house (very near this one in 16th Street Heights) I have learned some of the house lingo. And yes, the house felt staged. When we visited the house appeared to be lived in, not just staged, as the master bedroom closet was entirely full of men’s shirts and other clothes.

  • The house looks ahhhhmazing! The price….prices in DC still baffle me (my parent bought their house for 100K) but it sounds reasonable.

    The listing agent Rachel Valentino is amazing though, she was my agent when I bought my condo and I would defnitly recommend working with her.

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