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Most people have heard by now that the Mt. Pleasant Deli located at 3068 Mount Pleasant St, NW has closed.


And in the ‘new to me’ world, during my Brookland travels my buddy showed me the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center located at 1000 N Michigan Ave, NE. The grounds are huge. Plus they’ve got an indoor pool! Nice. Anyone ever take advantage of it?

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  • Love the pool! Free for dc residents.

  • Wow! That’s the size of a NASA shuttle hangar. That pool Olympic sized?

  • The city is also building an even nicer pool in Tenleytown next to Wilson. It’s an Olympic-sized indoor pool. And interestingly, one of the only (2 others) pools in a “rich” area of the city.

  • The pool is olympic-sized, but they divide it into 14 25yd lanes. Very nice pool. One of the DC Master’s teams practices there, plus they offer classes for a wide range of skill levels. Another nice feature – there is a separate shallow-only pool with a cascading water feature for the kids.

  • It also has one of the only hot tubs in the DC public pool system. While I do really like Turkey Thicket, I think the nicest indoor pool with the most amenities (tennis courts, indoor weight room, high dive) is in Takoma. Not to mention the hours are amazing (6am – 10pm).

  • There are two amazing murals inside by the guy who did the LeDroit Park mural. We go to the pool sometimes, but it always seems to have weird hours.

  • tukey thicket is the best 🙂 thanks for featuring it!
    I think the hours at 630 am- 8 pm m-f, 9-3 or so on sat and closed Sundays.

  • Where is the Takoma pool – DC or MD?

  • Never mind found it – what’s the nicest outdoor pool?

  • I think they ought to make the pools open on Sunday, but closed on Mondays. I mean they are recreation centers, so Sunday is really a better day to be open.

  • Nicest outdoor pool…East Potomac, Volta, and I’m blanking on the name of my 3rd favorite but it’s on 24th/N NW (franicis pool?).

  • The Takoma Aquatic Center is a DC Department of Parks and Recreation facility located at 300 Van Buren Street, NW. Enjoy!

  • And the Takoma pool is open on Sundays too (starting at 10 am I think).

    I didnt know about the weight room at Takoma, though!

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