Given All The Rain We Might As Well Appreciate These


Coming from someone who is fascinated by cool doors, perhaps, this won’t surprise you – I thought this one cool looking mushroom. Anyone know what kind this is? I used to love mushroom hunting back in the day – are there any edible mushrooms that grow wild in DC?

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  • Thats an oold one, i cant tell
    There are mushrooms aplenty in DC, DC has a mycological association that meets once a month they get together and share what they find.
    Ive seen, reishi, shaggy mane, and turkey tail.
    Rock creek park should be flush with all types, they pop out most about 3-4 days after the rain, considering all we have had there should be a ton out.
    People have also reported morels,
    they are also easy to get to complement your garden

  • There are definitely morels in DC. I saw a handful outside of a friends house (near Van Ness metro) and told her about them. The next day, someone had entered her yard in the middle of the night and stolen them all.

  • @Dawn: ha! wow! someone wanted that prize bad! (careful there can be dangerous look alikes)

  • A mycologist friend of a friend reports:

    “Looks like it could be Agrocybe dura. They come up in the spring and have cracked up caps like that.”

    My friend joins the above-mentioned mycological group – I thought she might know but she passed it along to a friend of hers. I couldn’t find a common name for it.

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