GDoN Revisited- Bay Window Edition by Hipchickindc


In real life, hipchickindc is licensed as a real estate broker in the District of Columbia and Virginia, and as a real estate salesperson in Maryland. Unless specifically noted, neither she nor the company that she is affiliated with represented any of the parties or were directly involved in the transaction reported below. Unless otherwise noted, the source of information is Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), which is the local multiple listing system. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Featured Property: 1318 Girard St NW

Original List Price: $615,000.

List Price at Contract: $599,000.

List Date: 01/09/2009

Days on Market: 76

Settled Sales Price: $602,000.

Settlement Date: 04/17/2009

Seller Subsidy: $18,000.

Bank Owned?: No.

Type Of Financing: Conventional

Listing History: Last sold in 2006 for $626,000. Before that in 2001 for $299,000. Before that for $77,200. in 1996.

Original GDoN Post is: Here.

Recent Listing is: Here.

Back when this was featured as a “Good Deal or Not” (GDoN) post, it was listed at $615,000. Per usual, commenters were not restrained in their concerns over neighborhood crime. I have to say that I’m honestly starting to wonder where all of the GDoN posters actually live, given that there seems to be a lot of random crime incidents happening all over lately.

One poster stated, “No one in their right mind would drop $600k to live on that block.” How about $584,000.? That was the net (less the hefty $18,000. closing cost subsidy). The home has central air, a deck, lots of parking, and a “self-contained unit” in the basement for potential rental income. The kitchen and baths don’t look all that fancy, but not in need of immediate replacement. The lot is about 700 square feet bigger than what I typically think of as a good-sized lot for a row house.

I’d say that this sale is reflective of the relatively limited active inventory in downtown DC. While prices have come down from where they had been, things are moving along pretty steadily.

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  • Love your staging of the Bryant St. property. I could never deal with the whole 1 bathroom thing, but that place looks gorgeous.

  • Anon at 12:05, Thanks for checking it out. It’s a great buy, but yah, 1 bath is going to be an issue for some. There is actually a room and plumbing ready to go for a new bath (since the kitchen is in the addition on the back), so it could be easily added.

  • I live a couple of blocks from there so I’m glad that they got so much for that place. I’m hoping that I will do okay when I’m ready to sell (hopefully next year).

  • “I have to say that I’m honestly starting to wonder where all of the GDoN posters actually live, given that there seems to be a lot of random crime incidents happening all over lately.”

    Yes, it is interesting to see different peoples’ perceptions of what makes a “bad” neighborhood. If you look at the crime statistics, Adams Morgan has a higher level of crime than CH or Petworth. But people see a housing project and automatically assume that it must be a more “dangerous” neighborhood.

    By the way hipchickindc, I recently downloaded the Zillow app for my iPhone. I was surprised at the amount of information available on homes in my neighborhood, including my own. Do you think that Zillow estimates on home values are reasonably accurate?

  • GSG, good question. I generally advise people to be wary of Zestimates (I think that’s what they call them) because the data is pulled electronically and this does not always translate well to the block-to-block nature of urban comps and pricing. If you look at some of the Zillow “comps”, they are too big/too small/too far/not renovated/mega-renovated, etc. Even with appraisers, as a listing agent, I try to make sure they know why I’ve priced something the way I have. I’ve likely been in the nearby houses, whereas they are only relying on data and may not be familiar with a particular neighborhood.

  • help me out here – how in the world does one find out the amount of the seller subsidy? I feel like this is a variable that matters much when trying to look at comps.

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