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I think someone mentioned this yesterday, so here is the community garden located at the corner of Taylor and 14th Streets, NW. It is called Twin Oaks and is currently all filled up. Though chatting with one of the owners of a plot, I learned that there is waiting list available. He mentioned the National Parks service but I couldn’t find a waiting list for it. Anyone know how to get on the waiting list?


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  • It is at 14th and Taylor, not Taylor and 14th. You say the number street first. You also say the Ave before the street. As in, Georgia and Gallatin, not Gallatin and Georgia. I don’t know why it drives me nuts when people do that.

  • Thanks for posting about Twin Oaks – it’ a gem for the neighborhood.

  • The best I could find was this spreadsheet on community gardens with a website and a couple of email contacts. But the website doesn’t exist anymore. Didn’t try the emails.

    And Anon 2:22, thank you for the explanation…I’d never heard of that before but a friend of mine just corrected me the other day when I said R and 15th, and I thought she was just being her usual ornery self.

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