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DSCN9279, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks just like a regular vegetable garden, yeah. It’s actually right in front of a body shop:



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  • I can almost see the lead being fixed into those leafy vegetables. Be very careful when it comes to growing veggies in urban soils. Many vegetables (esp lettuce) can “suck” lead in the soils (from paint chips and leaded gas) into their leaves. Also roots/tubulars (potato, carrot, radish) should also be consumed with concern.

    But it is not like the soils in classic ag areas are all that much less contaminated so what the f right?

  • Since it’s in the picture, I want to put in a plug for Guaraní Autobody. We had a car damaged in an accident repaired there and they did a good job. Helps if you speak Spanish, btw (or Guaraní, the indigenous language of Paraguay that everyone there speaks, ha-ha).

  • This garden makes me smile every time I walk the dog past it. Glad others have found it too.

  • Got a door dent fixed at this place – VW did not even notice when I turned in the leased car. They did a great job. The language was no problem since all we really talked about was money 🙂

  • I also got a door dent fixed there. Named my price, waiting 20 min, paid cash and was good to go. Best to just stop by in the mornings instead of calling.

  • Agreed on Guarani’s! I had a HUGE dent if my door that they fixed in an hour for cheap. Recommend them every chance I get.

  • Great minds think alike PoP, I just photographed that garden myself thinking I would send it in to you

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