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DSCN9171, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I like these “border” gardens. Also, the owners explained to me the four reasons for the hay on the lawn. Can anyone name all four?

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  • 1. Stop bird from eating grass seed
    2. Keeps soil moist
    3. Stops soil from washing away
    4. When it decomposes it will enrich the soil

  • PoP: Did they use straw or hay?

    Straw is better to cover the grass because it does not contain may seeds. Hay contains seed and can cause weeds to grow with the grass.

  • To feed the horses.

  • i thought it was for the nightly hoedowns

  • 5. it’s cheap!

    I don’t prefer straw for soil stabilization, since the straw itself can blow and wash away. I prefer a more continuous mat (jute or coconut fibers) held down with staples works better. Or best yet, if the area is large enough, have it hydro-seeded, where grass seed is blown in with a fiber matrix that holds it together and holds in water.

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