Flip It Bakery & Deli Gets Outdoor Patio Area

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Thanks to the many readers for writing about this development. I think it looks great. Flip It is located at 4532 Georgia Ave, NW.

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  • looks great, wonde when they’ll get a real sign? that plastic banner has been up forever!

  • Nice patio (and rocking mural!), but will have a decent customer experience on the weekends, or even be open on Sunday?

    I’ve gone there 3 times – two Saturday mornings where I felt I would’ve been better accommodated at a 7-11 the service was so lackluster and food so, well… blah. Once on a Sunday – closed. Now what’s up with a bakery closed on Sundays? That’s when I’d like to be grabbing a cuppa Joe and a bagel to read the newspaper in that shaded patio.

  • Now if only the food was better.

  • …and the service was better, and the coffee was fresher. I want to patronize this place, but they don’t really give any reason to.

  • Sadly, i have to agree with previous posters about the food/service there. i tried the place. the staff (owners?) seemed more preoccupied with chatting amongst themselves than waiting on customers. i placed my order after waiting 3-4 minutes for them to come up to the counter and wait on me, and then they somehow lost my order (i was one of two customers, and just asked for a doughnut and coffee). when i finally got my doughnut, it was stale.

    i really want to patronize local businesses, but i’m not going to buy just anything to keep a local business running. maybe the time and expense of building a sweet little patio indicates that they are serious about making the business work, and i’ll give them another try.

  • For some reason, they stopped selling those delicious cakes by the slice.

  • It’s right around the block from my house, so I want it to do well, but I haven’t had anything here that the Safeway bakery doesn’t do better. I’m guessing they bake for central American tastes. Whatever their target demographic is, it ain’t me.

  • I really want to go to this place for lunch one day because it is so close but after reading all of the comments I probably won’t anytime soon.

  • When ‘Flip it’ first opened, I’d sit at the window bench and watch the buses and other motorist pass by. The tree’s canopy gives just enough sunlight to make you feel relaxed when sinking your teeth in an avocado veggie burger w/ cheese and fries. I always felt welcomed; and the neighborhood workers, pulling up in their city trucks, would stop by to get a bite to eat, adding to the warm, friendly charm. We need more fresh deli sandwich shops in the area. As a picky African American, I say yes!

  • I don’t know what everyone is talking about–I’ve always had great food and good service there. I haven’t sat outside yet, though.

  • They have great pastries, or used to. I’ll give it another try. My experience with small businesses is that typically Sundays are off. I believe that goes for the flower shop as well. Too bad, because weekends are prime time for flowers and pastries chez moi.

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