Finally Coming? and Extended Hours?


I’ve been super curious about the building at the corner of 13th and W. It has been fenced up for a while but I’ve finally seen a for sale sign that now says under contract. I suppose it’s likely to become a bodega. It’ll be great to get that eyesore fixed up.


And it looks like you will soon be able to get your wine on for another hour in the near future. The petition says, from Mon.-Wed. they’ll be applying to stay open until 1am instead of 12am and from Thurs.-Sun. they’ll be staying open until 2am from 1am. Nice.


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  • I walk by this corner every day and just this afternoon noticed that the chain link fence was finally gone. The for-sale sign was gone, too. But there was an addition — some nasty tagging on the wall facing 13th St. 🙁

  • Hah! Cork won’t be allowed to change it’s hours if the ANC and the crazy religious people have their way! If 5 people object to Cork’s (or any other establishment’s) petition, it constitutes a “major objection” in the eyes of the alcohol board. Time to change the way this works in DC….

  • They were working on the building at the corner of 13th and W when I passed by on my way to work this morning. Please let us know if you hear anything more what it might become!

  • the sad thing about this building on w street is that about 4 years ago it was a great corner market with a good selection of the stuff you always seemed to need, and most importantly a dedicated businessman behind the counter happy to serve you.

    he had a small wine and beer selection and was always happy to order what you needed for groceries or beverages. then, he started making improvements and wanted to fix up the building long story short, let the tenant vs. landlord dispute begin; and here we are years later with a still vacant building.

  • Well, if this ACTUALLY HAPPENS it will be terrific. I’ve lived around the block for several years now, and every 6 months or so there’s a little action with that building (fences down, people working inside, etc.), everyone gets excited, and then…nada.

  • This has been vacant for longer than 4 years. Its been at least 6 since I’ve seen anything there. There was a couple (literally husband and wife) trying to fix it up about 5 years ago. I asked what they were putting in and they said “a story, you like, a nice story”.

    So, I guess it was a story. If I could tell a nice story, I’d vote for a coffee shop with out door seating.

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