Cafe 14U To Become A Philly Cheese Steak Place?

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Almost a year ago it looked like the space at the old 14U coffee shop was going to become a boutique. Clearly that didn’t happen. Thanks to the wonderful world of twitter it looks like we may finally have an answer. Metrocurean’s twitter feed says:

“Philly cheese steak place is replacing 14U coffee shop at 1939 14th St. Owner says he’s aiming for July.”

I’ve emailed the owners but haven’t heard back yet. But of course Metrocurean is one of the most reliable food bloggers in the city, so I give this word a lot of weight.

Are you psyched about a “Philly cheese steak place”?

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  • I’d be excited if it turned out to serve actual cheesesteaks. If they offer any toppings other than american, provolone, whiz and fried onions then this just isn’t the real deal.

  • There’s a distinction to be made between a philly cheesesteak and a DC “steak & cheese.” Two distinct yet tasty creations, like NY and Chicago pizza. One’s preference depends entirely on what you grew up eating. The former is meat/cheese/onions, but the latter includes lettuce, tomato, and peppers. You can also find this in Philly, except it’s called a “cheesesteak hoagie.”

    That said, if they’re going for a real philly cheesesteak, if they don’t have the right bread, they might as well not bother.

  • I refuse to get excited about anything opening here until it actually happens.

  • @Herb: I take it you don’t believe in foreplay?

  • Just what the obesity epidemic needs: another purveyor of fat megadoses.

  • Hey, you’ve got salad places popping up like weeds in this town, so it’s not like there’s any shortage of healthy dining options. But if I’m going to blow $10 on lunch, it’s going to be a greasy meat sandwich dripping with melted cheese, not a bowl of goddamned leaves, pinecones, and twigs.

  • Buck: I resemble that remark!

    If the steak/cheese does become reality, then I believe it would be a good addition to the U Street area.

  • The cheesesteak market in DC is already heavily saturated (HA!). There’s the Philly Cheesesteak Factory in Georgetown, the Philly Water Ice Company on H. Almost every chain restaurant has them on the menu and you can get them at most Chinese carryouts as well. If this place is to succeed, they really need to differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s why they should also be the first place in DC to serve Lutherburgers.

  • Fried meat, fried onions, fried mushrooms, toasted bread all covered in cheese….MMM MMM I’M EXCITED!!!!!

  • if this place is open late it’s going to do very well.

  • Monkeyerotica: exactly. If they can’t get Amoroso rolls, its going to be a disaster.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Chesesteaks at Chinese carryouts? They need to throw some General Tso’s chicken on a Philly-style hoagie roll. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  • @Kristen – Philadelphia Water Ice on H Street NE uses Amoroso rolls for their cheesesteaks. Taylor Gourmet down the street uses Sarcones bread for their hoagies.

  • Or you could just go to , they have Amoroso rolls.

  • I’m sorry but most people who call their steaks “Philly Cheesesteaks” have no idea what they are talking about. I lived next to a deli in Philly for a few years and I had a cheesesteak at least once a day (how I’m not a billion pounds, I’ll never know), and the places in Philly just know how to get it right. I’m not sure what exactly it is, I know amoroso bread is definitely key, but even places that use that sometimes can’t get it right! Haven’t found a place that satisfies me yet in DC, but that’s probably for the best – I’d be there every day. On another note, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, hit up south side steaks – the guy that owns it used to live in Philly and he knows how to do it right. Philly, of course go to pat’s or jim’s (tony luke’s roast beef sandwiches are amazing, geno’s is too flashy).

  • So sick of annoying food snobs… that is all. We don’t care if you have had a better taco in Mexico yadda yadda

  • Hey “food snobs”- please don’t stop posting here! I love reading about the subtle differences in pizza crust, what makes the most flavorful pho broth, or where to get the best burger. Keep it coming!

  • Anyone who advocates cheese whiz on a philly steakandcheese is a charlaton and should be drawn and quartered.

  • I’m definitely not a food snob (helloooo!? I’m eating CHEESESTEAKS!) – you can make cheesesteaks all you want, and I’ll probably like them, but when you advertise as a “Philly” cheesesteak, there’s a certain taste that people are looking for.

    PS why does it keep telling me I am posting comments too fast? Last comment was twenty minutes ago!

  • Oh. Snap.

  • Seriously Mieldog…

    If i get a Philly cheesesteak and it has a wheat bun and some lettuce and tomatoes its just as bad as getting a BMW and finding a chrysler engine under the hood.

    Im sure you wouldnt mind buying an Ipod and finding a zune inside would you? if you say yes then you are a snob

  • Philly cheesesteak snobs annoy me. Especially the ones who know advanced buzzwords like “Amoroso.” The best cheesesteak places use rolls from a local bakery. Doesn’t make any sense to import mass produced rolls from philly.

    Meat, onions and whiz on a roll is delicious, but it’s not a refined taste. Not hard to make a good cheesesteak. Philly people just cling to it for lack of anything else good about their city.

  • Wow, such a variety of new restaurants opening up in this neighborhood. I live at 14th & W and was looking to move farther out (Columbia Heights/Petworth/Bloomingdale) in order to get a little more bang for my buck. But the more I see stuff opening up in my current neighborhood, the more I realize I love it here and don’t want to move!

    I never thought a posting about cheesesteaks would make me have such an epiphany. How sad.

  • @ Anonymous @9:32 am.

    Drive to MD for a cheesesteak?

    Perish the thought.

    If it’s not off the metro line between Metro Center and Van Ness, it simply doesn’t exist.

  • RD : Talk about snobbery, look at what you just posted. Amoroso isn’t a buzzword, its a staple of almost every cheesesteak place in Philly, everyone eats them. A Cheesesteak without an Amoroso roll just isn’t the same. It can still be pretty tasty, but its just not as authentic. Cheesesteaks aren’t about having an elevated palate. I appreciate the complex flavors and fresh seasonal foods at high end establishments, and I dine at them reguarly. But just because I enjoy blueberry stuffing with my venison doesn’t mean I’m too good to enjoy something as simple and delicious as steak with cheese (american/provie/whiz) and fried onions on an amoroso roll (thats how its done).

  • @ RD: Yeah. Cheesesteaks are the only good thing about Philly. Also it was the nation’s first capital, the Constitution was written there, and it has honest-to-god blue collar workers and something that you might call an actual sense of citywide community. But I’m sure whatever city you’re from is infinitely better, because it has you.

  • Oh yes. And a skyline. I’d forgotten because it’s been so long since I’ve seen one that wasn’t Rosslyn or some nonsense.

  • As long as its better then the cheesesteak place that opened on Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • Mike, i’m sure things that happened 200+ years ago make it such a great place to live today. Philly is like a dirty Baltimore, whose residents only take pride in a greasy sandwich and booing their own sports teams.

  • I’m pretty sure the South Street Steaks in College Park is closed. Not a good sign.

  • When are they supposed to open “Scuttlebutt’s?” I hear they make a great buttsteak and it’s really authentic, right down to the hair and pimples.

  • @ RD: Easy pal. Philly is a really nice city with a lot of things people take pride in. Does it have its problems? Of course, all cities do. But since you seem to only know about it from cheesesteaks and sports teams, maybe you should stop talking before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of people that hate Philly mention something about sports as part of their hatred. I’ve never followed sports – why is there this connection? Then again, I never understood the difference between winning and running up a score, and when folks explained that it just made the whole mess more confusing.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    WestIndianArchie: There’s a big, exciting world out there, just waiting to be explored! If you are unable to obtain a driver’s license, the bus is always an option!

  • RD you are a duchebag.
    The only reason you can say D.C. is not a “dirty” city becuase you obviously are one of the many yuppies who rotate among 3 or 4 metro stops between downtown and adamsmorgan and whatever yuppie condo you live in and you forget there is 85% of the rest of this “city” which has world-record crime rates and poverty.

    By the way.. walk outside your job at 8pm on a wednesday and i gaurantee you can count the number of humans you see using only your fingers. How the hell does that sort of landscape qualify as a city.

  • 3:02 = The Fiction.

    I live in a rowhouse on Kansas Ave.

    The Philthy defenders are awful touchy today

  • if they have to put the word “philly” in front, it’s not gonna be a real cheesesteak. it’s as simple as that.

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