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  • Hey, is this from that big house on Rhode Island between the Home Depot and Montana Ave that also has big concrete lions in the front yard?

  • now you need a door with tigers and one with bears.
    Oh MY!

  • Truxton, do you mean that big “Church of What’s Happenin’ Now” there on the north side of Rhode Island? Cause that ain’t no house! They took a non-descript older building and turned it into a garrish monstrosity…
    The door and columns pictured above must be from a much older structure.

  • Man, I love that building. Within 4 blocks you’ve got that church, Jimmy Muscatello’s Uniform Center (one of the best named businesses in town), and Mister P’s rib bus. That is a hit parade of smiles right there.

  • Truxton, you’re right – there IS a house to the left of the church. It was another non-descript older building that was remodeled into its current state of craziness.
    That uniform business is such a cool looking building – I love it! So much better than the blue-painted church buildings around it. Someone got a deal on ugly blue paint!

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