Dear PoP – What’s My Neighborhood Called?

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“Dear PoP,

I’ve been living at 5400 block of 1st St., NE, for 5 years now, and I still don’t know what my neighborhood is called. This area, surrounded by New Hampshire Ave. (north), North Capitol (west), Riggs Road (south), and Rail (east) is surprisingly quiet and residential, and the neighbors tend to be old-timers, and sweeter than a praline pie. Anyway, when talking to friends I always end up saying that we live just north of Fort Totten metro. But our neighborhood must have a name, right? I don’t think we’re in Petworth ’cause we’re north of Missouri/Riggs, not in Chillum (that’s to the east of the tracks), not quite in Manor Park (although our neighborhood association is named South Manor Park Neighborhood Association), and I don’t think we’re Brightwood (that’s further east). PoP, do you know what the name of my neighborhood is?”

I need your guys help with this one. I’m totally stumped. I’d probably call it North Country… Seriously, does anyone know what neighborhood this is?

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  • Riggs Park. There’s even a neighborhood association…

  • i was going to say lamond-riggs. the district property database for your house says manor park.

    looks like you could just about claim either.

  • i have no direct knowledge (never lived there or talked with people there about what they call it), but my sense is that the neighborhood “feel” changes at the tracks. the houses in lamond-riggs seem newer. it doesn’t seem any different from places that are clearly manor park, either. my vote is with (south) manor park.

    though i heard they’re about to put banners there along blair rd. saying “tivoli northeast”.


    check out this map. that’s how i found out i live in 16th street heights and not petworth…..

  • p.s. the “NW DC neighborhoods” map you can find online is nowhere near as good as the one in wikipedia by a man named peter fitzgerald.

  • Lamond Riggs according to Baist’s Real Estate Plat Book of Washington, District of Columbia.

    Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi

  • IMGoph, the District database does not have a Manor Park listed that I could ever find. Do you have a link? And when I put in that address in the database, it comes up as Chillum.

  • Thanks all…. I think Lamond Riggs (as people refer to it) is North of New Hampshire Ave. and East of the tracks. So I’m gonna go with South Manor Park for our little triangulated-island of a neighborhood. South Manor Park sounds nice, and I think is a fitting name for this great neighborhood. Peace

  • m.e., you be actually neighborhoodless. If you are south of Arkansas, or definitely if you are south of Upshur, you’re not in 16th st heights, depending on who you ask. So pick whatever neighborhood you want to say, because you don’t have one.

  • I’m ceeding my rowhouse to the Great State of Texas – no income tax and all the guns your little heart desires.

    So when you step on my lawn you’re now in Eastyankeeville, Texas, population 2 (and a confused watchdog).

  • You’re in Manor Park. Lamond Riggs is on the east side of the park. Then again, there is no official governing body that decides where or what neighborhoods are. Neighborhoods are an organic construct, they are merely what the people who live there say they are.

  • Aw, hi neighbor! I live at North Capitol and Hamilton, just a few blocks southwest of you. Technically, I’m in Petworth but I’ve always wondered if there was a better neighborhood name (even better than the PoP’s favorite “North Country”) for our area. Maybe we should make one up?

    By the way, for those who live there, anyone know if there is ANY progress on the gigantic supermarket construction promising to be at Riggs and South Dakota Ave?

  • @Sara, I just finished renovating a house on the Unit block of Hamilton NE. If you want to meet your new neighbors, I can put in you in touch. My email address starts with mfoster and ends with the last two parts of

    @Andrew, lol.

  • RD: thanks for the info. this is wot wikipedia says re 16th St Hghts neighborhood:

    “Definitions of Sixteenth Street Heights’ boundaries vary, though it can be broadly outlined by 16th Street on the west, Georgia Avenue on the east, Missouri Avenue to the north, and Spring Road NW and New Hampshire Avenue to the south. The 16th Street Heights Assessment Neighborhood is defined as 16th Street on the west, Missouri Avenue on the north, Georgia Avenue on the east, and Upshur Street on the south. [1] However, it is also common to view Kennedy Street as the northern border of 16th Street Heights. All of 16th Street Heights lies within ZIP code 20011.”

    so…i live NORTH of spring road & new hampshire ave, but SOUTH of upshur. you are very right. this wee spot has no solid, official name other than “20011”–sorta like that TV program about Beverly Hills.

    so we can call it anything we want? how about “littlehampton”?

  • Correct, Mappo, there’s no one singular governing body that officially names neighborhoods or their boundaries.

    There are differing overlays over geographic areas by differing authorities that are over time evolutionary.

    Since George Washington and Pierre L’Enfant, subdivisions within the ten square mile diamond that was to become DC have been surveyed, platted, named, and developed under the supervision of three commissioners appointed by Washington and their successors.

    A recently made electronic road atlas today will differ from a paper one published 50 years ago.

    The D.C. Office of the Land Surveyor uses the old Baist’s Plat Book and considers this address to be in Lamond Riggs.

    Yet the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue categorizes this same address to be in the neighborhood of Chillum for real property tax purposes.

    D.C. Zoning and Planning uses still other more varied and complicated references.

    It’s interesting that D.C. Tax and Revenue doesn’t even recognize many well known neighborhoods; Adams Morgan, Galludet, Shaw, Friendship Heights, Tenleytown don’t even exist.

    Adams Morgan is technically Mount Pleasant for tax purposes. Galludet is Old City 1. Shaw is Old City 2. Friendship Heights and Tenleytown are Upper Northwest and Chevy Chase.

    What’s only certain is your lot and square numbers.

    So the nomenclature of DC neighborhoods is very subjective.

    Take heart that as Americans we’re all just Mount Vernon Washingtonians and so privileged to live in our nation’s capital and his namesake.

    Tantum Eruditi Sun Liberi

  • manner park: try lookinghere, and scroll down to the headings that say “city neighborhood” and “assessment neighborhood”.

    i ignore assessment neighborhood at all costs-that’s just the tax office’s delineations for tax purposes. they tend to lump multiple neighborhoods together under the aegis of one neighborhood. i think the city neighborhood category is pretty trustworthy.

  • m.e., no particular reason, but do you like playing cornhole? 🙂

  • I dont think that the wikipedia page is correct for all neighborhoods. They call Logan Circle part of the Shaw neighborhood. The wikipedia page needs to be updated cos everyone knows that 11th st separates Logan from Shaw. Logan circle in my opinion is from M to R in between 14th and 11th. Am I being too picky?

  • danish: check out this link. logan circle is part of what historically is shaw. the neighborhood shaw got its name from the boundaries of the shaw middle school, which you can see at that link.

    of course, the circle and the neighborhoods both predate the name “shaw”. never trust wikipedia, if you ask me. it’s a great first source to help you find real primary sources, but it’s not a trustworthy citation.

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