Dear PoP – Trees Ripped Out of Park Triangle

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“Dear PoP,

Ran by there this morning. Digging machine was tearing out the trees.

With groups like Casey Trees advocating us to plant more, I’m sure these could’ve been relocated instead of destroyed.”


And in other news, remember the house collapse on Quincy of New Hampshire Ave back in Feb. 08? Well, I saw some workmen finally getting to work on the place:


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  • Yes, I saw that this morning. I thought they were supposed to work around the trees and keep them? And they also ripped up those perfectly fine pavers. I thought all they needed to do was install a fountain and some benches, but apparently they’re taking it down to bare dirt and starting from scratch.

  • Seriously, what the hell! The gravel was replaced by the pavers in that spot just last year, if I’m not mistaken. Tax money wasted again. UGH.

  • Re the Quincy St house, are they trying to save what is now the new end unit rowhouse? Is that what this photo shows?

    Interesting trivia: There used to be a store at the NE corner of Quincy and New Hampshire, where the empty lot is now (you can see the outline of it now). The store fell down during the construction of the metro tunnel. This is just steps away from where the rowhouse fell down.

  • @AJS – That’s interesting. I always wondered what that empty lot used to be. The question is: why is it still empty – it’s been that way for at least the ten years I’ve lived here.

  • How many times are they going to redo this park from scratch?

  • The neighbor has the hilarious dog snout half-globes.

  • @AJS, PiP:
    I was on the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment website researching some shenanigans being pulled by a neighbor, and I ran across a zoning variance establishing a hair salon at the northeast corner of Quincy and New Hampshire. If you stand in that spot now, you can still see the linoleum. And if you listen real hard, you can hear the hair dryers. And left in the mess is a small pile of rocks with the word ‘Unless.’

  • Meant to add: the zoning variance dated from 1979 if memory serves. (Can’t find the scanned, typewritten .PDF anymore.)

  • I walked past that house last night. My impression was not that they are doing work, but that the wall collapsed!

  • they didn’t “rip out” the pavers. They removed them and stacked them, presumably to be reused. The trees, however, were ripped out. That plaza with the trees was always intended to be temporary…

  • Even if the trees were meant to be temporary, they should have at least attempted to relocate them. I would have taken one in my yard!

  • I don’t think the pavers were a waste because the gravel was a nightmare and made that space totally unusable and a mess. They were always intended to be temporary. What is a travesty is that we were stuck with the gravel for over a year before they were finally put in, that is where the waste comes in.

    As for the trees, if at all possible they should be uprooted and used elsewhere. There are still a few left (I’d love to see them in the dog park at 11th and park, if they could survive there, or else at the green triangle at park and new hampshire), as these are very nice trees. There are still a few left that perhaps can be salvaged — anyone know who to contact at DDOT to make this happen?

    Oh, and based on the plans I’ve seen for that public plaza, there is, unfortunately VERY little green scape / trees involved in the plan, almost all hardscape, which I think is a shame. Also a shame that no trees were planted on 14th near Kenyon Square.

  • Trees of that age aren’t relocatable. Even though they’ve only been in the ground a couple years, that’s long enough for their roots to spread such that they would almost certainly have died in a new location. They were always intended as temporary but it still hurts to see healthy trees go. The new plaza – and related improvements to teh streetscape should be nice, so it seems like it’ll be worth it. I’ve lived in CH for 9 years and was reminiscing with friends over dinner at the Heights last night about how dangerous, scary and empty CH used to be. There was no real central meeting area. After years and years of planning and then years of construction, I not so sad about the loss of these trees.

  • I am pissed those trees were just bulldozed! What a waste! They could have replanted them somewhere else! I hope they plant more trees on the plaza and take proper care of them.

  • Come on folks, the trees were half dead already. When I walked by yesterday most of them had dead branches without any foliage. Besides, I believe they were birch trees. Back where I grew up birch trees were nothing more than fast growing weeds. Certainly not the pick of the nursery. No loss.

  • “Oh, and based on the plans I’ve seen for that public plaza, there is, unfortunately VERY little green scape / trees involved in the plan, almost all hardscape, which I think is a shame.”

    ^ this. you can see the plans here:
    4 little trees, and a big circle of unshaded, heat-reflecting, sound-ricocheting concrete. delightful.

  • i hope the fountain doesn’t become a hangout for screaming kids in their underwear. peace and quiet would be nicer.

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