Dear PoP – New Feature Idea – Horses Ass Award


“Dear PoP,

The post about the dead tree at the police station got me thinking… how about you have a once-a-week post about something in one of the neighborhoods that needs to be fixed/repaired?

The San Francisco Chronicle has a similar feature called “Chronicle Watch”… They describe the problem, and then report back 15-30 days later on the status… Here is a link – click on a few to get the idea:

I think this is a great idea. I propose we call it the Horses Ass Award. I’ll make the first nomination. I’m very disappointed in the progress at 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street which was gutted by fire.


Please send your entries with a photograph to princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  • Agreed! 1000 times, agreed. Can’t the city tear that sh*t down? I’d rather be staring at a pile of charred bricks than a shaky facade whose very presence demands I walk in the road.

    Has anyone recently emailed Jim Graham about this? Any response?

  • I walk by this building all of the time and have never seen construction workers. Only thing I do see is a security guard. Are they actually rebuilding this? Or is all that scaffolding a farce.

  • The gingko tree that someone ran over and snapped off in Grant Circle is still there after several weeks and a couple mowings by the govt. Also, I noted today that someone ran over or pulled out one of the new trees in the median near the Petworth Metro. These people people who commit these acts are horses asses and so is the govt for not respondng to the mess and not having better signage warning people about Grant Circle.

  • The city doesn’t own the building so they can’t just tear it down (at least without going through the process to have it condemned). As a former resident of the building, I feel that the owner has a moral obligation to rebuild, but I know he’s not going to do so without a lot of pressure from the city. Thanks PoP for making this your first Horses Ass Award. Maybe with enough pressure something will be done.

  • That is a great one. Remember all the concern for the displaced residents? Not to mention that it has been a sidewalk obstacle ever since. What bothers me the most is the around the clock guard- being paid for by who?

  • Too bad eye-sores do not automatically qualify as public nuisances.

  • I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if this property does rise to the level of a nuisance property as 2b3s mentions? It impedes pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and I imagine there are other negative consequences of this building sitting in its current state.

  • I think Christo should shroud it in orange fabric.

  • Well, if the fire happened on March 13, 2008, that would make it around “Day 433 on the Horses Ass List.”

    Good idea. Hopefully the right people will read this feature and things will get done. A day count and little public pressure worked for the tree removal!

  • The place was under-insured, the payment by the insurance company not even covering the outstanding balance on the mortgage. Other parties are filing claims for damages, including the church behind the apartment house, severely damaged. The owner isn’t a builder, and I don’t think anyone’s going to buy the plot until the claims are settled. It’s an awful mess, legally as well as physically.

  • A likely candidate for Habitat for Humanity, Housing First, Jubilee, Catholic Charities or the HUD as I prefer making this and other sites available for people who need decent housing at reasonable rates rather than the high end housing which has unfortunately proliferated.

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