Dear PoP – Do Columbia Height Dining Options Close Too Early?


“Dear PoP,

Have you ever been frustrated that CH practically closes it’s doors at 9pm? I worked last Wednesday night and got off the metro starving at 9:10pm in CH. Everything was closed- Potbelly, Julia’s, Panda Express. I wanted something reasonably healthy and the only thing open for a quick bite was 5 guys. I disappointedly walked home hungry.

Maybe as move folks move into CH restaurants will stay open later? is 10pm too much to ask?!?!”

I suspect some folks may argue whether or not those are healthy dining options… But I’d say it’s not unusual for spots like that to close at 9pm. By 9pm I think most folks are going home, to “proper” restaurants, or bars. Of course it would be nice to have some late night options like a shawarma place. What do you guys think – do CH dining options close too early?

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  • Yes, count me in for wanting Columbia Heights restaurants to stay open later. More late-night options would also make the neighborhood a little safer, with more people out on the streets and whatnot.

  • I agree that CH food options close early. However, he wanted something healthy and his first thoughts were Panda, Potbelly’s, and Julia’s? Seriously?

  • saf

    Yeah, none of those strike me a healthy, or as “dining.” More like snacking. Then again, I do like Julia’s, and do think it should stay open later.

  • I like 7 Eleven taquitos, three for US $3,33!!!

  • I’m pretty sure Pete’s stays open until 10, I go there often if I come home late from work. (And you can even get a salad there — which would at least be “healthier” than 5 guys, I guess)

  • Mmmmmm, Kentucky Fried Panda: It’s finger ling-ling good!

  • Commonwealth wasn’t open? They have some food that is healthier than 5 guys. And I can’t believe Pete’s closes at 9, but maybe.

  • Real or perceived, some places probably don’t stay open that late out of fear of robbery.

  • Giant is open until 10. If you are that hungry for something quick get a frozen dinner, or almost anything there. Fast doesn’t have to be limited to take out folks!

  • and don’t forget the snack bar at Target is open until at least 10:00 pm. Hey don’t hate–they serve salads!

  • This is why DC is either a pseudo-city or a sorry excuse for one. Where are all of the conveniences of living in a city?

  • There really aren’t any healthy late night take out options on U Street either. Besides Jumbo Slice and McDonalds, you are pretty much out of luck.

  • I didn’t know Pete’s was open until 10. That is good info. I am pretty shocked that Panda isn’t open later given their product. Certainly appeals to drunk and high people often times the people looking for dinner after 10.

  • The most ridiculous part is that there are lots of people out on that section of 14th street between 9 and 10. Its just silly to me.

  • I wish I had a ton of cash to burn. I’d open some reasonably priced take-out concepts in Columbia Heights and in the U Street area. There is so much untapped potential in those areas for affordable and healthy take-out.

  • 24 hour Arby’s – nuff said.

  • Giant is open until 11. Also, they sell alcohol until they close so the only way to get it between 10 and 11 is there. If they wanted to they could sell booze until 12 due to some bizarre exception.

  • I think Social will have food options until close each day and I believe that they are licensed until 2PM. Sadly that’s not till they open in June.

  • saf

    Isn’t Taqueria Distro Federal open late?

  • Anonymous at 9:21 said:

    “I wish I had a ton of cash to burn. I’d open some reasonably priced take-out concepts in Columbia Heights and in the U Street area.”

    Because the one thing DC needs is more cheap take out!

  • is it true that tivoli giant sells wine until 11?

  • Yes eric, it is.

  • Anon 6:50

    If you think DC is lame, don’t live here… Also, quit spending time on DC-centric blogs. Hating on DC is so 2004.

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