Dear PoP – Coffee Shop Coming to 14th and S Streets, NW?

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“Dear PoP,

Next to Garden District on S there’s a building that was a pupuseria until a couple of years ago. It’s being rehabbed and one of the workmen told me it’s going to be a “coffee bar”. Do you or your readers know anything about it?”

I hadn’t heard that. I walked by this weekend and the workers I spoke with weren’t sure about a coffee bar. Since there is already a coffee bar set to open nearby above Miss Pixie’s, I’m not sure it would be viable. Has anyone else heard anything about a coffee bar coming to this spot?

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  • Don’t forget about Cafe Collage at 14th and T! I love that place. And they have the best Chai, alongside of the good coffee.

  • I know you posted about the coffee shop above Miss Pixie’s…but you said it was set to open mid April, and now, in mid May, not only is there no sign of it, there’s not even a sign of where exactly it could be (which door would you enter? and which window on the second floor doesn’t have a sign advertising AYT auto)? I think this area needs a good coffee shop (something about Cafe Collage is just kinda dour).

  • I don’t know how viable that corner would be for a coffee shop – I frequent Azi’s on 9th and O, and you’d have to be pretty amazing to pull me away from that sweet spot!

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