Dear PoP – 18th and Columbia Torn Up


“Dear PoP,

Sometime last week road crews tore up 18th & Columbia, screwing up traffic and making things a giant pain in the ass for everyone in the area. Friday afternoon they packed up and split, leaving the intersection a nasty, gravelly mess.

I don’t know which talented public works official oversaw this brilliant plan, but it’s pretty ridiculous that they’d leave the place looking like a third-world slum all weekend without even pretending to work on it. Maybe they should have hired the guys remodeling the building next to mine, they definitely don’t have a problem working on Saturday mornings.”

Does anyone know the time frame for this project?

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  • This must’ve been done on Friday. I got home from work and everything was torn up.

    Knowing DC this will be completed sometime around Labor Day.

  • On top of this, we’re also losing some of the bike lane from Columbia Rd once they complete this. Lame.

  • The milling was done on Friday and the paving was scheduled to start on Saturday and be done tomorrow, but in case you haven’t looked outside, the weather has been a bit disagreeable to paving and painting lane lines….that will begin as soon as the weather permits, which hopefully not only for this project, will be very soon.

    And only a portion of the bike lane where the new bus stop has been installed was narrowed (not lost). WABA wasn’t exactly correct in the blast email that it sent out.

  • Even with a milled surface, Adams Morgan does NOT look like a third world slum.

    The condition of the roadway does suck for riding a bike, sure. But I just rode through there this afternoon and it isn’t THAT bad.

  • this must be the project some idiot from the dc government spams the ledroit park listserv about once a week. why people who live in ledroit park need weekly updates on the current status of starbucks access on columbia, i’ll never understand.

  • does the whiner who wrote this letter think that maybe the less-than-ideal weather we’ve been having might be hampering the progress somewhat? food for thought…

  • “Even with a milled surface, Adams Morgan does NOT look like a third world slum.”

    Um, have you ever been down that stretch of Columbia Road between 18th and 16th? That street could be paved with gold and it would still be very much like a third world slum!

  • Anon, yes, as I said, I was just there this afternoon. I’ve also been in third world slums. There is no comparison. Adams Morgan is trashy, but not a slum. Not even close.

  • This is all part of the Great Streets 18th Street program. Ya know, the one that nobody knew about but it got funded before Great Streets Georgia Avenue did, even though Georgia Avenue was promised years ago and there were about a hundred community meetings on. This is an example of Jim Graham selling out Georgia Avenue for Adams Morgan. Take a look Petworth and Columbia Heights because thats where your money went.

  • Um, they are redoing the road and improving the street infrastructure. Doesn’t happen overnight. If you squint a little, seems like it will look pretty nice in the end. The city has also shown some vision in closing off two portions of road (in front of the Exxon and at the NE corner of 18th and Columbia, converting to pedestrian use.

    Sorry for your lost weekend in a third world slum, but looks like progress to me.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    I certainly wouldn’t characterize that part of Adams Morgan as a slum, but it certainly has a very third world quality about it, both good and bad.

  • Adams Morgan is more like a normal street in the third world, very very far from a slum.

  • Actually Take5 you’re wrong…the current construction project at Columbia/Adams Mill is a pedestrian safety project that has been in the works since 2001 (and is largely federally funded)….

  • are you kidding me? it’s only been torn up for a week. go check out the intersection of benning rd, bladensburg rd, maryland ave, H st, & florida ave, NE, if you want to see mayhem…it’s been in a state of total destruction for years, with no end in sight. it makes calvert st/18th seem like disneyland.

  • I was down there on Sunday. I feel unsafe crossing Columbia Rd. anyways, but without those basic painted crosswalk lines I feared for my life just a bit more.

  • I can’t believe someone is complaining about an unfinished construction project than began a couple days ago. Especially, when as others have noted, the weather has been for shite.

    Things must really be awesome in this city if the inconvenience of a 4-day old construction project is now getting people up in arms. It used to be you needed a four-wheel-drive vehicle most of the year because the roads were so atrocious, and an armed escort to walk around at night in Adams Morgan.

  • Actually AdamsMorgan you are wrong. Go to the great streets web-site and suddenly out of the blue you will see the 18th streets great streets initiative which never existed before and listed under the improvements is this project…..

  • This current project, the one photographed, the one complained about, which is NOT 18th Street, has been on the books since 2001 (the Great Streets initiative was not announced until 2005).

    The 18th Street reconstruction, which is still in the design phase is scheduled to begin in the fall of this year, whether or not it took money from Georgia Avenue, I can’t say, but 18th Street certainly isn’t listed on any of the following three Great Streets Web sites:,a,1249,q,638970,ddotNav_GID,1752,ddotNav,%7C34192%7C.asp,a,1366,q,603046,dmpedNav,%7C33026%7C,.asp

    Please feel free to forward the direct link that you mention.

  • can they completely pave over the exxon station while they’re at it? the station never carries regular gas, only premium. It’s also $.15-$.25 higher per gallon than nearby stations….with the exception of the overpriced station at the corner of rockcreek and virginia ave (by kennedy center).

  • The work being done on 18th Street is part of the DC Main Streets program, while what will happen on Georgia Ave is part of the Great Streets DC program From what I can tell, the Main Streets program is more focused on historic neighborhood downtowns and improving the business environment, and the Great Streets program is more focused on transportation and pedestrian improvements…but of course they end up doing a lot of the same stuff.

  • Thanks PetworthRes…and again, just to clarify, the work being discussed in this post is NOT 18th Street. It’s considered the Adams Mill project since the bulk of the work is being done on Adams Mill….

    And trust us exxonthief, if we could get rid of that Exxon station we would. You don’t even know the half of it when it comes to that place.

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