DC Latino Festival Planning Presentation Tues May 26th


Wow, a Latino Festival on 14th Street sounds like it would be awesome:

Tivoli North Business Association


Fiesta DC, Inc. for a community information meeting on plans to bring the DC Latino Festival to 14th street in September 2009.  ANC1A also encourages you to attend this or a future information session to stay informed.


Tuesday, May 26th
Community Meet and Greet at 6pm
Program starts at 6:30pm


GALA Hispanic Theatre
3333 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010

*This is the forth general meeting of 2009 of the TNBA which aims to engage and share information with Columbia Heights and Petworth communities.

Fiesta DC organizers are also available and welcome opportunities to share all information and present at other community organizations in Columbia Heights.   www.fiestadc.org

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  • Hmm… I wonder why they moved it from Mt. Pleasant Street. As the “cultural heart” of DC’s Latino community, that seems like a better fit. Not to mention that 14th St. is a major north-south artery, so having it on MtP would be less disruptive to traffic in the area.

  • I think that when the move was announced, the main reason given was to have more space. And there are quite a few Latin-owned businesses and residents along the proposed route on 14th St (possibly more than are left in MtP? — proposed route is on 14th between Irving and Spring St).

  • Really!?, that comment is offensive because of what it assumes/implies and is completely out of line with the spirit of this festival and this blog. Please take your ignorance somewhere else.

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