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  • i wonder how Greater Good on U Street is doing.

  • Eco-Green was a terribly run business. We tried using them but got no follow through with respect to samples ordered or questions asked.

  • Eco-Green is still around. They just moved to Takoma Park.

  • I went on Saturday. The large was 6.50, but you got 3 flavors. Good stuff, but kinda pricey, esp. considering nearby Fro-Yo @ Tangy/Mr. Yogato, and ice cream @ ACKC and Baskin Robbins and Larry’s…and you could always get 2wice the amount @ wholefoods across the street

  • Pitango is delicious. Expensive, yes, but the comparison to Mr. Yogato/Baskin-Robbins, etc. is absurd. The gelato is as good as what you can get in Italy. Try the spicy chocolate — amazing.

  • I tried Pitango in Baltimore (haven’t been to the new one here yet), and it was amazing. Worth every penny.

  • Greater Goods is apparently doing well – I ask them everytime I’m in there, and they say they’re doing a fairly steady business. They too sell the dual-flush toilets.

  • I just love the sound of “Pitango Gelato” – it’s like fusion Anime, a Sci Fi dice game, a secret dance (outlawed) an obscure knitting stitch (armholes for spider sweaters?) an Amazon cure of chewed leaves, a rococo architectural technique. Nothing bad – not ever a diagnoses, too silly for even a rash. Pitango Gelato – sure, I’d pay just for the words.

  • Pitango is great, but as others have said, ridiculously expensive. What was even worse than the $6.50 for the large were the $11 and $22 for the larger take-home containers… I wrote about my thoughts on it on the blog today.

  • I wrote a review of Pitango last week – a link to that post is in my name.

    Sort of as people have mentioned, it’s really good but maybe not worth the expense. I think for that price I’d rather go to one of the frozen yogurt places that give you a bunch of toppings. But once in a while a gelato would be good.

  • POP, have you not been in the P st/Church area in the past 8 months? Eco along with Dragonfly’s leases expired seriously around 6-8 months ago. I spoke to the owners and the lease was set up so that the land owner could wait out the development of Church, sell his land for a nice coin, and live like an even fatter cat. That’s why both businesses were vacated at the same time. Unfortunately for him/her there’s now a condo influx and the housing market is in the quasi tubes, so no new condos on that corner of church just yet… this also explains why there is that crazy parking lot in the dirt patch in between the two store fronts.

  • Honestly, I like Dolcezza better than Pitango. Pitango was fine, but nothing mind-blowing.

  • Is Pitango anything like Giolitti in Rome? I need an American gelato shop that will put 3 flavors into one cup. (Pear, melon and champagne. Or Nutella w/strawberry.) I really miss going to places that have a smorgasbord of flavors (20+) and will mix them up for you whatever flavor combo you want.

  • Pitango is good but nowhere near what you get in Italy. They claim their ingredients are all natural and some are imported from Italy, but that hardly justifies the price (fwiw a 2-flavor gelato in Rome is between 1.5 and 2 euros, still way less than Pitango). Plus the flavor selection isn’t all that amazing.

    Greater Goods is great.

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