Coming and Going – 18th Street


The Black Squirrel is expanding it’s space into the basement level at 2427 18th Street, NW.


And across the street, of course we’ve heard the spy lounge space has closed. Walking by last weekend, I saw that the for lease signs in the window now have a “under contract” listing. Anyone know what may be going in there? I’ll be sure to update as I get more info.

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  • thats great news about the black squirel. I waited forever to try that place but their beer selection is stellar and they have really good bar food.

  • Love the black squirel, used to go weekly when I was living in AM. Great food, people, beer selection and happy hours. I however like wine and the malbec they have there is yummy.

  • wish we could grant landmark status to the Felix Facade. wont be long now before the ginkos are gone. the sidewalks widened. the murals painted over. hidius bank sculpture installed. and then the people can rejoice that adams morgan is as boring as glover park. H Street here i come.

  • The Black Squirel is one of the few bars for grown-ups in Adams Morgan.

  • This is great news – I love the black squirrel and their beer selection. Seems like it’s all over the place, now, but it used to be that Abita was hard to find.

  • Nice! love the black squirrel. My college’s nickname was the black squirrells so I always feel at home there.

  • I had the worst burger of my life at the Black Squirrel, but judging from the positive reviews here maybe I should give it a second chance. But seriously, I still have nightmares about that burger. More gristle than beef… ::shuddder::

  • Hey Anon 5:24…don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  • Hey Anon 5:24… welcome to NE!

  • saf

    Landmark the Felix facade? No. I prefer the building that was there before. I liked it better when the building on the left was India Gate (and I am blocking what it was before that) and Idle Times was still in the building on the right.

    God, I hate that facade

  • Camille – they’re really hit and miss, and the service is often slower than slow. But they try, and when they’re good, the food can be really super tasty.

    At this point we’ve just decided it’s worth it, since even when they screw up, it’s still better than most of the places on 18th st.

  • I LOVE THE BLACK SQUIRREL!!!! So excited that they will expand. It is an amazing and wonderful place. Beer is FAB – only place I’ve been able to find liters of HofBrau outside of the HofBrau Haus, and the food rocks!

  • Here’s to a loungish space without the damned jukebox, or any TVs with sports on…

  • RS – that’d be nice.

  • I had a burger there (black squirrel) a few weeks ago and it was incredible. Give it another shot.

  • hcfoo22- Sarah Lawrence?

  • Yeah… the burgers at the squirrell are totally awesome EXCEPT this one time when my burger tasted like cigarettes. GROSS!

  • mieldog – Haverford

  • Hi Anon 5:24- i don’t think Adams morgan should get art at all. bank art or otherwise.
    You all are a bunch of NIMBY jackholes

  • also, the burgers at the black squirrel are *really* good.

  • I had a terrible burger experience at BS once, but everything else I’ve eaten there has been most excellent. The mac ‘n cheese is ridiculous.

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