Charles Captures a Sweet City Sign

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Charles writes:

“As we pulled up to the stop sign (22nd and Fairlawn SE.) my wife and I looked at one another and said, almost simultaneously, “sweet city sign.”

According to the next-door neighbor, who lives in a wonderful house built by the works’ original owner and who wandered by while I was laying on the sidewalk trying to get the shot with both the cool fence and the sweet sign in the same frame, the iron works was a functioning business until a couple of years ago, when the owners wanted to sell for more than the market would bear. The works themselves were condemned and demolished, but the office remains almost intact, looking like the owners just pulled out the day-before-yesterday, phones on desks and keys and business cards displayed.”

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  • Many a times on my way into Anacostia Park I wondered about the fate of the Columbian Iron Works. Thanks for the report.

  • That’s super cool. Now we need some shots of the inside!

    I looked up the address in Google Maps, and Street View shows that the house next door has a magnificent iron fence surrounding it.

  • This blog really gives you a new perspective on things. I have probably passed by this dozens of times without noticing- very cool

  • The shame is that Columbian Iron Works was a great business. I tried to call them within the past year to do some more work on my house, since I’d had good luck with them previously. I guess this explains why they never called back.

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